Jul 29, 2015

Papa Tony

I've been a very bad blogger lately. I apologize. I'm working on it. This past Sunday was the three year anniversary of my Papa Tony (my dad's dad) passing away. He passed away on my best friend's birthday, July 26th, so that day will forever be bittersweet. July 26th took away my grandpa but gave me my best friend.
My Papa Tony was and still is a huge inspiration in my life. Him and my grandmother worked very hard so that their children and grandchildren could have a better future. Even though he's not here anymore, I still try to make him proud.
This was taken on his last Father's Day at his house.

We try to celebrate on the anniversary of him passing, rather than being sad. We get together and remember him and think about the fact that he's happily with my grandmother again. My mom made arrangements for us to have brunch on the beach in Cardiff - otherwise known as San Diego. I ordered a churro waffle and it was probably one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Me and my daddy.

My mom and dad. Pretty nice view behind us. 

There was a gorgeous mirror in the bathroom so I had to stop and take a couple selfies. Sorry.

And then there was this. This wall is perfection. My fiancé and I are planning on doing a pallet wall in our house and I absolutely love this look. Not so sure how my fiancé will feel about all the color but we'll see.

This is the view of the restaurant from the water. Just to give you an idea of how close the restaurant is to the ocean.

My and my momma.
And my dad again.

We had such a nice time. I ended up making reservations to go back this Sunday with my fiancé. I can't wait!

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Jul 16, 2015

Random Ramblings

I've been meaning to post this blog since Sunday. Life has come in between me and my blog once again...One-der land didn't last very long. Yep, I've gotten on the scale every day after and every day it has said 201.6. I'm not going to worry though. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. I emailed my macros coach and she told me a true plateau could last 2-3 weeks. I'm going to keep weighing and logging my food and getting in my workouts and hopefully in a few weeks my weight will drop again. 

I'm feeling really good, except for this headache I've had since Friday. I'm worried because the last time this happened it turned out I needed a root canal. I went to the dentist yesterday but she didn't see anything bad enough to need a root canal. I was relieved but now I need to figure out why I have a headache. She said it could be from my root canal that is still healing. It's always something.

This guy. He's doing a lot better than before. He is improving in his training. The trainer did tell me last night that she doesn't know if we can ever have another dog. Broke my heart right in two. My fiancé and I have always agreed that he'd get his boxer and then after that I'd be able to get a cute little white fur ball. But now because Vader has anxiety around other dogs that may not be possible. 

Like I said, I'm sticking to my macros. I haven't even really wanted to go over my macros because I have so much flexibility with the numbers I'm working with. I don't feel deprived at all. If anything, most days I feel like I'm eating too much. My fiancé made this for dessert the other night and I had one tiny bite. Just to try it. And I was good with that. He put peanut butter, non-dairy chocolate chips {because that's all I buy} and marshmallows on top of naan and toasted it up in our oven. It was pretty delicious. I give him props for his creativity.

I like to flex, in case you couldn't tell. I'm feeling extremely strong lately. I PR'd on deadlifts this past weekend - 225 pounds. You can watch that here. And just because I like to keep it real, here is me failing at 235. Next time I will lift 235.
Typical breakfast. I eat this almost every day. A good mixture of carbs, protein and fiber. There is also protein powder mixed in with my coffee because I had just completed a workout. 

Vader still loves to be right by me. As close to me as possible. He's not allowed on the couch but his living room bed is right next to the couch. He has three beds. One in the living room, one in the bedroom and one in the backyard. He's not spoiled at all.

And he is the reason I have to clean my floors so much. This is just from our bedroom. He sheds so much! And his hair really shows up on our dark wood floors. Kind of drives me crazy. 

When I first started using vegan protein, I wasn't in love. But now, I am. I've been getting an iced grande coffee in a venti cup and adding protein to it. So delicious and helps me get my extra protein in.

And this. This was the best part of my entire weekend. My parents friends stopped by to see our new home and they brought us a gift. She said she saw it and said, "That is Heather." She was right. It goes so well with our décor in the kitchen. I can't wait to share more pictures when it's all complete. 

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Jul 9, 2015

One-Der Land

Well, I'm officially in one-der land. I saw 199 late last year but I can't remember the last time I saw 198. I feel so good right now. I'm only two weeks into tracking macros and I'm so incredibly happy because I'm eating foods that I may have never allowed but yet I'm losing weight. AND I have food in the house that is usually very tempting for me but I'm not binging or feeling the need to cheat. Because if I really want a hand full of marshmallows, I can have a hand full of marshmallows. 

Here's what I've been eating for breakfast. Pretty much every morning I have two waffles with sugar free syrup, either chicken sausage or turkey bacon and blueberries. 

Today for a snack I had a Vitamuffin with peanut butter on top. As always, everything was weighed out and logged. Someone made a comment to me while I was in the break room about my food scale. He said, "Oh, you wanna fit in your wedding dress." I said, "Actually I want to make my dress smaller." Because I already fit in it. It's actually loose in the waist. But when I go back in September for alterations, I'm hoping they can take it in a bit.

My fiancé was off work yesterday so he surprised me and brought me an iced coffee to work. He made my day, especially because he brought me one of the sunglasses cups. 

For lunch I ate ground turkey and a whole grain English muffin with Trader Joe's bruschetta. I had a serving of these rice cake kettle chip things as a snack. And for dinner I had some carne asada and a protein shake blended with frozen berries. After dinner and my shake I still needed 27 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fat. I decided to have a serving of my sherbet Fruity Pebbles. Fruity Pebbles is one of my favorites cereals and the sherbet flavor is so good! 

My goal for protein and carbs is 160 grams and 180 grams. I hit them right on the dot! My goal for fat is 75 grams so I was 8 grams short but I'm okay with that. I couldn't find anything that was just 8 grams of fat. I guess I could have had like half a serving of coconut oil. Next time I'll do that. I was actually thinking I would be over fats because I had peanut butter today and then I ended up being short.

I ended the evening watching tv with my fiancé and our baby. He has to sit as close to me as possible. 

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Jul 8, 2015


I tried out a boot camp with a couple friends of mine on Monday evening. Let me tell you, I was dying. I do cardio and I lift weights but there is something about a hardcore full body workout that gets to you. Or should I say me? I plan on going weekly. Mixing things up won't hurt at all.

I am in love with tracking macros right now. I really hope this high continues. I don't feel deprived at all. Most nights I'm actually full when I go to bed. Like - how am I going to get in my last bit of carbs - full! Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and saw three beautiful numbers. 1 - 9 - 9 and in that order. I jumped off the scale and got back on. Jumped off again and then stepped back on it. Then I ran to grab my phone and I got back on it again. The photo looked too dark so I got off, turned the light on and got back on. 

And this happened...What? How did I just gain back a pound in a moment? Does my phone weigh a whole pound? Either way, I've lost weight since I've started tracking macros so I'm extremely happy. Even if I'm at 200, I will definitely be in one-der land next week. 

And then Vader fell asleep like this outside the bathroom door as I was getting ready. Yes, he was actually sleeping. Silly boy. 

Yesterday at work we celebrated the four year anniversary of our campus opening. There were hot dogs, snow cones and CAKE. Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Of all the foods in the world, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting is probably my biggest temptation. I can never say no. To my own surprise, I ended up not having any. I had already input my food for the day in myfitnesspal and I didn't want to adjust anything so I walked away. It felt so good. And I honestly think I was able to turn it down because I didn't have to turn it down. I had the option. I could have eaten a piece. But I chose not to. IIFYM is seriously wonderful.

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