Jul 6, 2015

Much Needed Three Day Weekend

I love Vader. He's a lot of work but I love him. And I secretly love that he follows me around everywhere I go. Even if I walk from one room to the next and turn around and go right back, he follows me. And when I'm getting ready in the bathroom, lays right outside the door. 

We're still working on selfies. When I get close to him and put my arm around him, he automatically thinks I'm looking for lovin' so he tries kissing/licking me. He looks a little taken off guard in this photo. 

This one's better. We're getting there. 

I spoke too soon. We took a step backwards. 

Daddy to the rescue. When Stephen got home he was able to snap a good one. "I Love Saving Animals" tank from SociallyFab . 

I did really well at tracking my macros this weekend. Even on the Fourth of July. We stayed home and lounged all day so that made it easy. Not too many temptations around. Saturday was our first day off together since Mother's Day. It was the first day my fiancĂ© and I had off together in our house. Crazy. Long over due. I didn't want to have any plans. I just wanted to be with him all day long in our home. 

We made turkey burgers for dinner and I really wanted tater tots so I opted for bunless burgers. Those ten tator tots were delicious but my burgers were even better. 

And Vader stayed right by my side. 

We were able to see {and hear} the fireworks show from our backyard. So much better than fighting traffic and dealing with crowds. 

I was surprised at how well Vader reacted to the fireworks. He did get a little restless but so much better than I expected. 

Sunday morning. Vader was asking me for some turkey bacon. He got dog food instead. 
I did a lot of work on the house this weekend. My parents helped me put our dining room together. I cleaned the floors. I unpacked most of the kitchen. I did what felt like seventeen loads of laundry. It was all worth it though. Our house is finally starting to feel like a home. 

Sunday was low key. I watched Downton Abbey, sipped on ice coffee and finished up the laundry. Vader was right there with me. You can see him in the corner of the photo. He's not allowed on the couch so he lays in his bed in front of the couch. 

Lunch on Sunday was so good! Aidelle's bacon pineapple chicken sausage - that I can only seem to find at Fresh & Easy. It's one of my faves. And a whole grain English muffin with hummus and Trader Joe's bruschetta {non-dairy}.

For dinner we had taco salads. Mine had baby greens, ground turkey, tomato, avocado, enchilada sauce and crumbled up flax seed tortilla chips from Trader Joe's. I'm finally getting the hang of weighing and tracking everything. 

I was a little short on protein so I finished the day with a plant based protein shake. 

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