Jul 9, 2015

One-Der Land

Well, I'm officially in one-der land. I saw 199 late last year but I can't remember the last time I saw 198. I feel so good right now. I'm only two weeks into tracking macros and I'm so incredibly happy because I'm eating foods that I may have never allowed but yet I'm losing weight. AND I have food in the house that is usually very tempting for me but I'm not binging or feeling the need to cheat. Because if I really want a hand full of marshmallows, I can have a hand full of marshmallows. 

Here's what I've been eating for breakfast. Pretty much every morning I have two waffles with sugar free syrup, either chicken sausage or turkey bacon and blueberries. 

Today for a snack I had a Vitamuffin with peanut butter on top. As always, everything was weighed out and logged. Someone made a comment to me while I was in the break room about my food scale. He said, "Oh, you wanna fit in your wedding dress." I said, "Actually I want to make my dress smaller." Because I already fit in it. It's actually loose in the waist. But when I go back in September for alterations, I'm hoping they can take it in a bit.

My fiancĂ© was off work yesterday so he surprised me and brought me an iced coffee to work. He made my day, especially because he brought me one of the sunglasses cups. 

For lunch I ate ground turkey and a whole grain English muffin with Trader Joe's bruschetta. I had a serving of these rice cake kettle chip things as a snack. And for dinner I had some carne asada and a protein shake blended with frozen berries. After dinner and my shake I still needed 27 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fat. I decided to have a serving of my sherbet Fruity Pebbles. Fruity Pebbles is one of my favorites cereals and the sherbet flavor is so good! 

My goal for protein and carbs is 160 grams and 180 grams. I hit them right on the dot! My goal for fat is 75 grams so I was 8 grams short but I'm okay with that. I couldn't find anything that was just 8 grams of fat. I guess I could have had like half a serving of coconut oil. Next time I'll do that. I was actually thinking I would be over fats because I had peanut butter today and then I ended up being short.

I ended the evening watching tv with my fiancĂ© and our baby. He has to sit as close to me as possible. 

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