Jul 8, 2015


I tried out a boot camp with a couple friends of mine on Monday evening. Let me tell you, I was dying. I do cardio and I lift weights but there is something about a hardcore full body workout that gets to you. Or should I say me? I plan on going weekly. Mixing things up won't hurt at all.

I am in love with tracking macros right now. I really hope this high continues. I don't feel deprived at all. Most nights I'm actually full when I go to bed. Like - how am I going to get in my last bit of carbs - full! Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and saw three beautiful numbers. 1 - 9 - 9 and in that order. I jumped off the scale and got back on. Jumped off again and then stepped back on it. Then I ran to grab my phone and I got back on it again. The photo looked too dark so I got off, turned the light on and got back on. 

And this happened...What? How did I just gain back a pound in a moment? Does my phone weigh a whole pound? Either way, I've lost weight since I've started tracking macros so I'm extremely happy. Even if I'm at 200, I will definitely be in one-der land next week. 

And then Vader fell asleep like this outside the bathroom door as I was getting ready. Yes, he was actually sleeping. Silly boy. 

Yesterday at work we celebrated the four year anniversary of our campus opening. There were hot dogs, snow cones and CAKE. Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Of all the foods in the world, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting is probably my biggest temptation. I can never say no. To my own surprise, I ended up not having any. I had already input my food for the day in myfitnesspal and I didn't want to adjust anything so I walked away. It felt so good. And I honestly think I was able to turn it down because I didn't have to turn it down. I had the option. I could have eaten a piece. But I chose not to. IIFYM is seriously wonderful.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching ONEderland! I'm still a few pounds away but can't wait!