Aug 10, 2015

Babies and Stickers

I usually spend Friday afternoon or Saturday morning cleaning up the house. I can't even imagine having to do this when I have kids running around - it's bad enough having a boxer. He follows me every where I go. If I'm sweeping, he's right there with me. If I'm doing laundry, he has to follow me out to the garage. And then when I stop to make some breakfast, this is what he does. This is in the dining room so he's not too far away from me.

My brother and sister-in-law went to the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday night and my brother face timed me so I could watch part of the show. I couldn't see Taylor but it was fun watching for a bit. It was very sweet of my brother to think of me. 

We had company this weekend. A lot of my future in-laws came over and we had a very nice time. We hadn't seen our neice in a few months so we sure did miss her. She's wearing my bracelet, necklace and sunglasses and doing her "Princess pose" in this photo. 

She loves playing with her Uncle too. She's the perfect mix of Princess and tomboy. 

I loved seeing my little nephew again. The last time we saw him was the day he was born so he's grown and changed quite a bit. He's so cute and lovable! 

I'm hoping he'll give my fiancé baby fever.  Less than eleven weeks until we get married and then we can start having babies of our own! 

Vader absolutely loved Paige and Logan. He was actually really good around both of them. He kept going up to Logan and giving him kisses. 

He stayed right by his side. Now we know he's good with kids! Another reason to start trying right after we get married. {I hope my fiancé is reading this.} 

I did something very exciting this weekend - I'll back track a little. I've been crazy about my Erin Condren planner since I got it at the end of last year. I love stickers {always have} and washi tape and getting to plan and decorate my week every Sunday. Well, I started doing research and I learned you could easily make your own stickers from home. I talked to my fiancé and he said I could purchase one of the machines because I'd probably end up saving money in the end. Well, the machine came this weekend and I ended up making my very first set of stickers!!! My fiancé kept laughing at me because he said I was acting like a little kid but it's probably because I've loved stickers since I was a little girl and now I can make them in my own home. I have a feeling I'll be addicted...

After I printed the stickers, I used them to decorate my planner this week.

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