Aug 18, 2015

Running Again

I've said this before. I'm useless after work - to the point where I don't even enjoy meeting up with friends or going shopping or anything. I like to just go home, eat dinner and unwind with Netflix...or make stickers (my newest addiction), I'm surprised that I've continued to meet up with my trainer every Thursday night. I'm definitely a morning person and I am so much better off working out before dawn. I got a friend of mine to agree to go running with me at 5am. When my alarm went off at 4:50, I jumped out of bed because I was so excited. We are close in pace so that was nice. She's a little faster than me but I was just a few steps behind her. I think we'll try and meet up once or twice a week. Hopefully I'll catch up to her soon.

Vader isn't a huge fan of toys but this one he loves. He's a hedgehog with a squeaky in the middle. Stephen gave him a Star Wars name but I can't remember it at the moment. Once Vader has a hold of him, he doesn't like to let go. I tried getting him to sit and stay with the hedgehog on his head. It worked one time out of thirty plus. But hey, once is good enough for me. He'll get better as we practice.

I was so happy to end yesterday with all greens on my Fitbit. Going to try and keep that up. 

I ran again  this morning. By myself this time. It was actually chilly when I first got out of my car but then once I started running, I warmed up pretty quickly. Makes me super excited for fall. It was still dark out when I got there. It was really nice to watch the sun come up. These were my views as I ran around the lake. 

I ran around the lake three times nonstop. Just like yesterday. And then I walked one lap just to get some extra steps in and cool down. I could already feel it being easier today than it was yesterday.

Came home to get ready for work. Have I mentioned that this guy follows me everywhere. I'm not lying at all. This is him laying right outside the I'm in the shower.

And then this is him RIGHT next to me as I'm putting on my makeup and doing my hair at my vanity. I told my fiancé we really should have named him Shadow because he's always there.

Late this morning I started to feel a sore throat coming on. My right tonsil has become swollen and I've been sneezing quite a bit. I hope and pray that I'm not getting sick. Drinking Airborne every three-four hours to fight this thing. I can not be sick right now.
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