Aug 24, 2015

Weekend {Part One}

This past weekend was go go go. I had to be at my parents house at 10am so we could leave for Redondo Beach. And we'd be gone ALL day. My great grandpa turned 95 so we all got together to celebrate. It was beautiful day which meant we had to walk on the pier for a bit too. 

My grandpa didn't remember who I was at first. I think he still remembers me as a little girl. He had a really great time. He kept coming around to each table making an announcement and thanking everyone for coming.

I hope I'm as lively and happy as him when I'm 95. 

After Redondo Beach, we headed down south to San Diego. My fiancé met us for dinner at Miguel's Cocina, our favorite. After that my fiancé went home and we all headed to the concert at the Sports Arena. It was just the ladies going in. My dad and uncle dropped us off at the entrance. It was so nice not having to deal with parking. 

When we got to our seats Gavin DeGraw had already been singing for a few minutes. I'm pretty sure he opened up with In Love With a Girl because we did not see him sing that song. We did see Chariot, which is my favorite of his. He's just as good live. His voice is so good! You can't really see him in the photo below but he's where the spotlight is. He walked around the arena singing to people and jumping on chairs and taking selfies. 

And then Shania came out. I started to get really emotional when she came out because the Woman in Me {her second CD} was one of the first CDs I ever bought. When I was younger, I saved up my money and went to the Warehouse to buy my first CDs and I chose hers and the Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces. To me, when I hear a song or an album, it takes me right back to where I was when I first heard that music. So when she was singing, I became that little girl who first loved country music so much. 

Shania was really good. I had actually forgotten just how many amazing songs she had. I'm glad I didn't go back and listen to her albums right before the show to refresh my memory because it made it more fun every time a new song would start. 

I had to snap this photo because the last concert I was at there was Carrie in 2012. She was phenomenal!!! And that was about a month before I had met my fiancé. 

This is why I love social media so much! It's so cool to me when celebritities use their accounts to thank their fans and show behind the scenes moments. I'm pretty sure we saw Shania's buses driving away when we were stuck in traffic after the show.

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