Sep 24, 2015

You Know You're Obsessed With Trader Joe's When...

My fiancé brought me home flowers last night. Just in time for Fall. They are from Trader Joe's. Pretty much everything else in our kitchen is from Trader Joe's as well. As I sat in the break room eating my lunch today I realized we may be obsessed with them. I stop there at least two times a week and I'm pretty sure my fiancé is there more than me. They are extremely convenient. Their food is pretty tasty and for the most part, healthy. {There's water in my Starbucks cup. I swear.}
For lunch today I ate their Pasadena Salad with Chicken. Probably my favorite salad. It's pretty plain but I prefer things plain anyways. It has chicken, almonds, rice noodles and an Asian vinaigrette. I'm thinking I may start adding mandarin oranges to it. 
And then on the side I had my new favorite chips - Vegetable Root Chips. Made from sweet potatoes, beets and taro. Now I don't necessarily like sweet potatoes, beets or taro but I love these chips. And I feel better about eating them than regular potato chips {which I love with a passion}. I dip them in hummus. If you're near a Trader Joe's, run out and grab a bag of these chips. You won't regret it.  

I'm a Starbucks Junkie. No big surprise there. And I'm not even so much a Starbucks Junkie but a Coffee Junkie. If there was another coffee shop closer to work, I'd probably be there every day. fiancé and I were discussing ways we could cut back our spending and he mentioned I could stop going to Starbucks every day. My heart may have skipped a beat but I looked at him, smiled and said, "Okay." So that is the reason why I had a mason jar filled with coffee at my desk. I brought coffee from home and threw it in the fridge at work this morning. When I needed my afternoon pick me up I just went downstairs and grabbed it. So, no more Starbucks selfies from me for a while. Although, I do still have a free one on my gold card. I'll have to save that for a special occasion or a day when I really really need one.

Thirty - one days until our wedding. My goodness. Time is flying so fast!

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