Sep 8, 2015

Pink & Gold

I didn't even plan it but this post has a whole lot of pink and gold in it. Those are two of our wedding colors so maybe they are just on my mind. This weekend involved a lot of girly things. {My bridal shower was on Sunday but I have a completely separate post for that which will go up tomorrow.} I went to get my nails done after work on Friday. I wanted something special for my bridal shower. My girl, Kay, did an amazing job. Exactly what I asked for.

I spent some time outside with Vader on Friday afternoon. I found out that he won't run away if he's in the front yard without a leash. I was so excited! I kept trying to get him to look at me but every time he'd see the camera he'd turn to the left. This must be his good side.

Look at that good boy. Just sitting in his yard. Proudly. He loves watching the street. Even if nothing is going on.

Friday afternoon I was in desperate need of something cold and delicious but low in calories. I always see girls posting their sugar free drinks from Sonic so I put Vader in the car and him and I drove down the street to get me a sugar free cherry limeade. It was so yummy!

I ran into a friend of mine while out on Friday afternoon and she had just gotten her eyebrows done. They looked amazing! I was about to go get mine threaded but I decided to try her girl out. She took me over and introduced me. Sera waxed and tinted my eyebrows {special thanks to my friend, Karina}. When Sera was done I was shocked. I have never seen my eyebrows look this way. I'll have to do an eyebrow post some time because mine have had quite the journey...

I had only gotten them threaded once before - about three weeks ago. On the left was the final product of threading. On the right is after the waxing and tinting.
I won a workweek challenge on Fitbit and I was super excited! I may never do another again because I was obsessively checking my numbers and that's just not healthy. 

I posted this on Instagram already but just in case you aren't following me there, I was able to get on a size 10 pants over the weekend. I originally grabbed a 14 but they were way too big. I went ahead and put on a 12 and those fit a little loose as well. So I ran back out and grabbed a 10. I couldn't believe they actually fit! I was twenty pounds lighter the last time I wore a size 10. The scale means nothing.
Of course I wore them out that night. Stephen and I went out on a double date and it was a blast! 

We went out for pizza - Stephen and I both got cheese less pizza - and then we went to get boba. I ordered a black tea with boba. So good! 

Yesterday morning I ran to Starbucks to grab Stephen and I a coffee and I saw this beauty as I walked in. I couldn't leave her behind. The barista told me they had just put the new collection out. So glad I snatched it! They also had some really cute navy ones but gold is more my color.

This morning I got out of bed at 4:30. I was waiting outside the gym before they opened at 5 and when I went inside everyone went straight for the cardio machines so I pretty much had a corner of the gym all to myself. I did thirty minutes of bis and tris and then I did thirty minutes of cardio. 

Some days I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere and then other days I really like what I'm seeing. This morning I was very proud of my biceps. 

When I left the gym at 6 it was still dark out - Fall is coming!!!

Sorry to my Fitbit friends for putting you all on blast but I am very excited that I am 20,000 steps ahead of anyone else. 

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