Sep 15, 2015

Planner Goodies & Cake

In case ya'll didn't know, I've become a little obsessed with planners and everything that goes along with them - washi tape, stickers, fun paper, punches, pens, etc. I've always been into crafty things so I'm really excited about the planner community that I have jumped right into. I even created an Instagram account that will be dedicated to my planner goodies - @rosegoldsprinkles. I am in a lot of groups and I had heard that Dollar Tree had tons of cute Halloween washi tape. I made several trips there before actually finding them in my area. I didn't buy all of them but here are the ones I did purchase.

We are getting married in October so I'm not planning on decorating my planner for Halloween. It will be mostly wedding and honeymoon decor. We will actually be on our honeymoon in New York for Halloween. That will be interesting...I'm sure we'll get to see a lot of unique costumes. Even though October will be all about our wedding, I still couldn't resist this Halloween washi. I'll definitely do some Halloween decorating. 

On Saturday I went to work with my fiancé and did some shopping after I dropped him off. I used a couple gift cards that I've been hanging onto. There are so many cute things out for Fall but I can't seem to buy new clothes just yet because it feels like summer in the south right now. It's hot and muggy and I pretty much feel gross every time I step outside. I can't wait for cooler weather! 

Another thing I had heard of from the planner community is a store called Daiso Japan. I kept seeing awesome things posted after people had shopped there. I had no idea if we even had one in California but I was driving to buy lunch for my fiancé and there it was - in big bold red letters - Daiso Japan. I had to go in. Mostly everything in there is $1.50 so I was able to grab a lot of cute things for a reasonable price. 

After I ate lunch with my fiancé I ended up searching the area and I found a second Daiso Japan nearby so I drove there too. I found a couple more cute items. I loved this coffee cup collection but I didn't buy them because I already have more than enough mugs.

After my fiancé was done with work we drove to my friends house. She just moved back from Washington DC and I hadn't seen her in a few years. AND she's going to be making our wedding cake/cupcakes so we went over for a tasting. Her son, Jax, is so adorable. I hadn't seen him since his baptism. 

And I hadn't even met her daughter, Rory. Look at that face!!! She is precious. 

And then there was cake. My friend is extremely talented {pretty much all of my friends are}. These cakes were all delicious. I'm not even going to list the flavors because I want our guests to be surprised even though you can probably guess a few of them just by looking at this photo.

Cake makes him crazy.

We had been gone all day. We left the house around 6ish Saturday morning so Stephen could be at work close to 7. And then we didn't get home until really late...I don't even know what time it was. But we felt so bad that Vader was by himself for so long. He was extremely excited to see us though. I love how dogs are super happy when you get home - even if you've left them outside all day. That's why dogs are the best.

I had to show Stephen all the goodies I had found. He told me my addiction needs to stop...but he kids. He's highly supportive of my planner obsession.

I had a package waiting on the doorstep and I had no idea who it was from. There was no name on the card...but once I opened it, I knew it was from my sister-in-law.

It was so sweet of her to send me a bridal shower gift from Washington. Thank you, Erin! ♥

Sunday morning we woke up and walked to get coffee and groceries.

Sunday afternoon we took a trip to Lowe's to purchase some things for the house - honestly, probably my least favorite thing to do. There's just something about a home improvement store that gives me anxiety. Maybe because I have no idea what I'm looking for half the time. We also went to the mall because the day before I had seen the Fall collection at Bath & Body Works and I told Stephen I needed to take him back there. I like to get his input on the scents I use in our home. We bought a candle, some wallflowers and a couple decorative items to use over our hand soaps. Now our home smells like Fall and I love it!!!

Stephen did a few things around the house on Sunday afternoon and I lounged. Vader does not like being without one of us. Even though I was sitting right there with him, he still insisted on knowing exactly what dad was doing. I opened the shutter and he sat there watching dad while he worked outside.

They're cute.

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