Oct 21, 2015


{Wow. I have proven to be really bad at counting down to our wedding on my blog. I was awake until midnight last night but I was so busy packing and working on things around the house so I didn't have a chance to sit down and write. I apologize. I promise I'll try harder over the next four days.}

Ever since Stephen and I moved in together in in June of 2013 he has been asking to get a boxer. Not just a dog, specifically a boxer. He grew up with them in his home and he's always wanted one of his own. I agreed that we could get a boxer once we had a house. I didn't think it would be fair to have a big dog cooped up in a little apartment. As soon as we moved into our house I started looking on adoption sites. I found this sweet boy who was micro-chipped but his owner was not claiming him. Stephen went by the shelter, fell in love with him and put down a deposit. If he was not picked up in two weeks, we'd be able to take him home. Lucky for us, they never claimed him so he became ours. At first I struggled. I'm not going to lie. We moved into our new home and we were trying to make it beautiful and this big dog would not allow that to happen. He sheds, he drools and early on he was destructive when he was left outside while we were home. I still have my moments like when I clean the floors and then he walks down the hall and I can just see the hair falling off of him onto my beautiful wood floors. BUT I have come to love that incredibly sweet and loving fur ball. I couldn't imagine not having him in our home now. He completes our little family.

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