Oct 13, 2015


{I've been horrible at my daily countdown. I will be catching up today. We went away this past weekend to the mountains and I caught a cold so I'm fighting that. I've been taking Nyquil every night and going to sleep before 8. Trying to get back to my normal self before next week. I need to be my best self for the wedding.}

This was the one year anniversary of our first meeting, first date and first kiss. Stephen took me back to Ryan Bros, where we first met. We were looking at the mugs on the wall (for the regular customers). He pointed one in particular out and said, "Look this one has our initials!" I said, "Aw! I should take a picture!" He said, "You should." I said, "Wait. You actually agreed to me taking a picture of something?" He said, "Yeah." And then I noticed the key and I said, "Wait, is this for me?" And he said, "Yes." Stephen had made the mug and placed it on their wall before bringing me back for our date. He definitely knows how to make me smile.

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