Oct 14, 2015

Three Years in a Row

 The Idyllwild Art & Wine Walk has been an annual tradition for Stephen and his friends. When I came along, he wanted me to be a part of it too. We've gone together three years in a row now. This year we were able to add another member to our group - Vader. We usually rent a cabin and say all is welcome. Surprisingly, we didn't have any extras tag along this year. It was quiet and relaxing.
Vader isn't allowed to sit on the couches at home but we did allow him on the couches in the cabin. He was reluctant at first but once he realized he wouldn't get in trouble, he became very comfortable cuddling up next to dad. I started to feel a sore throat coming on on Friday afternoon so we walked to grab me some Nyquil and cough drops. We rented a movie and went back to the cabin to lounge. I went to sleep around 8 that night.

I was feeling a little better on Saturday morning. We ate breakfast out on the back deck and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.

After about six photos, I finally got a decent selfie with Vader.

Here we all are. The hairy man is Stephen's best friend. He won't look like that at our wedding. I don't mind it, but the military does. And that pretty lady is his wife. They all went to high school together. And then I came along and they welcomed me in their group with open arms. ♥

We were all pretty buzzed and extra happy around this time.

We take a photo in this same spot every year.

I just love him so much! There has never been a doubt in my mind since the day I met him that he was the one for me.

And the happy couple! So cute!

I'm pretty sure the alcohol was not the best choice when I was feeling a cold coming on. The next morning I woke up congested and my throat was even worse. Now I have a cold and I'm fighting it off like crazy. I am determined to be back to my normal self before the wedding.
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