Oct 13, 2015


This photo was taken on October 5th 2014. He definitely took me by surprise when he proposed. I was expecting it so many other times and then he waited for the moment when I least expected it. Proof that I had no idea whatsoever - I'm in gym clothes. I would have definitely dressed up a little more if I had known. I love that he proposed in our home with just the two of use there. It was perfect. When we had spoken about getting engaged months before, my only requests were that it wasn't in front of a crowd of people {I don't like being the center of attention} and that there was someone there to take photos. Well, he took it a step further and ordered a tripod for his iphone so that he could have photos taken while we had our private intimate moment. This was over a year ago now. Time flew by so fast. In twelve days we'll be husband and wife.


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