Oct 1, 2015

Twenty Four

This photo was taken on our first Valentine's Day together. I had taken the day off work {Stephen was normally scheduled off on Thursdays and Fridays back then} to spend it with him. He took me to UCR {where we both graduated from}. We listened to music and had a picnic in the botanical gardens on campus. Our picnic included Mexican food and cupcakes. Yes, UCR has a cupcake shop on campus now that I'm no longer there. Oh, and a Coffee Bean. It's still funny to me to think that we could have walked right by each other back when we were in college. Maybe my heart skipped a beat and I didn't know why at the time.
Fun fact. Stephen told me he loved me the night before this photo was taken. I had already told him I loved him a few days prior. Yes, I said the L word first.

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