Oct 3, 2015

Twenty Three & Twenty Two

{I apologize for missing yesterday. I worked, had a wedding dress fitting in San Diego and then had dinner with a friend. When I got home I just wanted to relax with Stephen so I doubled up yesterday and today's countdown.}

This photo was taken at my twenty-sixth birthday dinner in 2013. Stephen met some of my friends for the first time that night. A few days later he took me to Idyllwild mountain. I was able to meet Stephen's best friend and his wife while we were there. Samantha later told me that I was the first girlfriend that Stephen had introduced to them. 

My birthday has always been a big deal to me and Stephen has done a very good job of making it special for me every year. 

When we returned from Idyllwild mountain that weekend, Stephen asked me if I'd want to move in with him. We started discussing it further and looking into places but we didn't end up moving in together for a few more months.

This was Easter 2013. Our families celebrated together that day. Stephen and I have always been extremely thankful that our families get along so well. Not everyone is as lucky as we are.


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