Nov 12, 2015

Day Five - Honeymoon in New York

 I'm pretty sure I took the most photos on day five of our trip. 

I was in charge of picking breakfast and I failed miserably. I chose a place because it had coffee in the name. I thought it would be a cute coffee shop. Instead, it was an American diner and the food was just okay. I apologized to Stephen probably fifteen times. 

After breakfast, we walked to the Gray Line office to book our Twilight Cruise that we were given as a gift from the best man and his wife. We were informed that we could actually take a day time bus tour as well. We had no idea. We got on the bus but we realized early on that we had seen most of the places we'd be going to. If we would have known, we would have done the bus tour on day two.

We stayed on the bus for a little while just to get some pictures.

I'm pretty sure they mention Balducci's on Sex & the City.

Stephen looks so entertained. I swear we were having a really good time.

There's his smile!

Back in TImes Square.

We had walked by this building several times. It was right by our hotel. But I had no idea it was the post office.

This was all near our hotel and this is the largest Macy's in the world. Stephen and I did not go in there until day six.

We hopped off the bus at the Empire State Building and began walking. I wanted to find Rockefeller Center so we walked from where we got off. We passed a Lord & Taylor. I only took photos because we ordered Erin and Stephanie's bridesmaids dresses from their website. I had never even heard of the store until Stephanie found the perfect dress.

This building says New York Public Library but then when we walked a bit further...

This building also said New York Public Library.

We were walking and I saw Saint Patrick's Cathedral in the distance. I got so excited!

I sang here with choir my sophomore year of high school for a competition. I fell in love with this cathedral when I sang here and I even remember thinking how wonderful it would be to get married here.

I was very happy to show Stephen the place I sang twelve years ago.

And I love that the flag has keys on it.

We went in this chocolate shop. We were planning on trying a few items until we saw the price - $113 a pound!

And there's Rockefeller Center.

I really wanted to go up to the top because I heard it's a better view than the Empire State Building. When we finally found where to purchase tickets they were only selling for 7pm and we already had arrangements for our twilight cruise. Also, it was $30 per person. I wasn't really into spending $60 to go to the top of a building.

I was hoping there would be a Friends store or at least Friends merchandise but I couldn't find any.

Remember how I mentioned we had a crummy breakfast? Well, lunch time went and gone and I still hadn't had coffee. I was starting to get really cranky. After searching for a restroom for nearly thirty minutes {there are no public restrooms anywhere!} we hopped on the subway and headed back towards our hotel. I told Stephen, "I know you didn't want me to get anything here that I can't get at home and we will be getting a Dunkin' Donuts soon {one is being built near our house} but it's not open yet so can I please just grab a coffee from Dunkin'?" He said, "Of course." I need coffee so bad. Not because I was sleepy but because my coffee withdrawals were kicking in. We went in  and I ordered an iced coffee. They listed their flavors and when she said Oreo I was sold. I also grabbed some donuts because - why not? Stephen grabbed lunch at White Castle and we went back to our hotel to eat and nap.

Stephen and I shared a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup donut and a Pumpkin Cream Cheese donut. I really wanted the frosting filled one that I used to eat in Tennessee but they didn't have it. I've been craving that one for five years. Oh well.

After we ate and napped, we freshened up a bit and got dressed up to go on our twilight cruise.

I'm pretty sure I was the coldest I had been that night. I guess being so close to the water makes that happen.

We started taking silly photos while we were waiting for boat to dock.

The next several photos were taken while we were on the boat. The city looked beautiful from the water.

It was really cool watching the sun set from the boat. And it was freezing!!!

I do have to say, Lady Liberty is much more beautiful in person. Breath taking even. Photos do not do her justice.

The building with the blue and red lights is 1 World Trade Center. It measures 1,776 feet tall. And they did that on purpose.

After the cruise we wanted to go out for a nice dinner. We couldn't decide where so we walked back to our hotel to think about it. We went upstairs to do research and we called a couple restaurants within walking distance. It was 8:15 at this point and no restaurant had a table until 9 or 10. There are so many restaurants in New York and yet none of them had room for us.We stopped at the front desk to see if they had any recommendations and the desk attendant mentioned an Irish pub around the corner so we went there. The World Series was on and the Mets were playing so it was extremely loud in there. We had to yell at each other over dinner but it was really good.

I was mocking Stephen. Asking him if I was doing it right.

The waitress came over and commented on my ring. I told her we were just married and we were on our honeymoon. She got so excited and said, "I knew that ring hasn't been on your finger long!" And then we ordered drinks.

And appetizers. I enjoyed the cheese!

And then I ordered another drink.

Stephen ordered fish & chips and I ordered a bacon burger. I could not even finish my dinner. I rarely leave food on the table.

I have always wanted to go to a bar and just sit there with a handsome man while enjoying a drink. Stephen wanted to make that happen for me on our honeymoon. So we sat at the bar in our hotel. I loved it. Again, I felt so fancy. I told the bartender that I like sweet drinks and he made me something with chambord. I had never tried it before. Oh. My. Gosh. So good!

Our sixth and final day will be posted soon...

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  1. I didn't know they had double-decker buses in NYC -- awesome you got to do that tour. Any regrets about not buying some $113/lb. chocolate? No public restrooms...there's a free adventure. Kudos to Stephen for getting White Castle in New York. Both of those donuts sound really good. Excellent pics of you guys with the Statue of Liberty in back! I wondered if you knew the World Series was going on there that night.