Nov 8, 2015

Day Four - Honeymoon in New York City


We went to Brooklyn on Thursday. Stephen did research ahead of time to find the best bagels with lox and schmear in Brooklyn. 

Bagel Hole was at the top of the list. We planned on eating there but we actually couldn't.

We ended up going to Grumpy Cafe afterwards.

We ordered lattes and ate our bagels at their counter. {Side note. This coffee shop does not allow laptops.}

I think this was my favorite latte of the whole trip. Just a soy latte and I added a splenda.

I LOVE the look of this window. Mostly because it's turquoise.

We did a few nerdy things in Brooklyn. We found a comic book store where Stephen found a blue Spiderman shirt. I think he has one in every color now. And we found a superhero store. They had tons of really creative items in there.

Stephen was really excited about the wind machine...and the selection of capes.

These apartments were for sale so I took a photo so we could look up the price later. We talked about the fact that we could live in Brooklyn but it was probably way too expensive.

We found a Whole Foods and I was amazed at their selection of non-dairy ice cream. I don't like candy corn but the So Delicious candy corn popsicles were adorable.

I loved how they displayed their bananas too!

Stephen and I did wheat grass shots and that was the best tasting wheat grass we have both ever had.

I had been searching for a Whole Foods reusable bag but I wasn't having any luck. I ran to the restroom before we left Whole Foods and when I came out, Stephen handed me the bag he had bought for me. It was made by the Brooklyn denim company and it says 3rd and 3rd on it. 

We headed back to the city. It was kind of nice waiting outside in the fresh air for the subway.

Stephen had done some more research to find the best reuben in New York. He read about Katz's Deli in Soho. The employee at the door started hitting on me when I walked in. Stephen walked in right behind me and he said, "Aw man! You're with her?" Stephen said, "Yeah..." The employee said, "I bet this happens to you all the time." Stephen made a comment after that but neither one of us can remember what he said right now. 

This place was insane! Their ordering process was very unique and Stephen had to force his way to the front while I snatched a table.

Stephen paid$20 for his reuben. He says it was worth it though. I had a hot dog and fries. That was the best hot dog I had in New York City. And the fries were pretty great too.

On our way out the door I saw that this is the deli where When Harry Met Sally was filmed.

Even though we had just eaten a huge lunch, Stephen had to stop at another shop that was just down the street so he could grab the best bagel with lox and schmear in that area.

He says that was the best bagel with lox and schmear he had during our trip.

We went into another Whole Foods. This one was two stories and huge!

I would have had a taco if the taqueria was open. Stephen found me a sample with brie in it and I was a goner. I had missed cheese so much but I was too afraid to admit it.

We had gone back to our hotel to relax a little bit before going back out to find us something for dinner.

He's so handsome!

And silly!

There was a game going on at Madison Square Garden. We found out later that the light on the Empire State Building reflects what's going on in the city, so that night it was blue for their team.

I had read that Thursday night was ladies night at the nearby barbecue place but when we got there we found out that wasn't true. Bummer. So we wandered around looking for a place to eat. I ended up choosing to get crepes. 

I got one savory and one sweet. Turkey with bacon and nutella with strawberries.

I loved our headboard so I asked Stephen if we could take some pics in front of it...and all he did was make me laugh hysterically.

As I type this, Stephen and I are watching a show that takes place in New York. It's really fun watching a show and knowing what they are talking about when they refer to Chelsea or Soho.

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  1. This blog is just making me hungry. Do YOU eat lox?? I would have had to go to Lenny's Pizza in Brooklyn, the place where John Travolta got two slices in Saturday Night Fever. You should've had what Stephen was having at Katz's.