Nov 4, 2015

Day One - Honeymoon in Hoboken

We left for our honeymoon early on the morning of the 26th. 

No joke. My window was the only one on the entire plane that didn't have a shade. I was planning on sleeping the whole way there but that didn't end up happening.

I guess the view wasn't too bad.

{When we landed we told our families we made it safely and we put our phones on do not disturb.} I took this photo on our first form of public transportation together. I can't remember the name of the train but we took it from the airport to the subway. Maybe it was the air train? Stephen says it was the Long Island Railroad. We paid $13 for each of us. We had to load Metro cards to pay for what came next. We took a subway from the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station. Then we had to walk across the street to catch the Path train to Hoboken, New Jersey. It took us over two hours to get from the airport to Hoboken via public transportation. 

We walked a few blocks to our hotel in Hoboken, The W. We checked in and got settled in our room. By this time we were starving so we walked two blocks over to Washington Street. One of the first stores we saw was Two Heathers. I didn't go in though. I was too hungry to think about shopping.

We ate at Bareburger and we both really enjoyed it. {I titled this blog Honeymoon in Hoboken because when I mentioned to the server that we were on our honeymoon he said, "Oh, really? Honeymoon in Hoboken."} I tried duck bacon off of Stephen's burger. It's not something I'd go out of my way to order but it wasn't bad. 

I loved their mugs. I should have asked about purchasing one.

Stephen later told me that his burger was probably in his top three favorite foods of the whole trip and he didn't even get a picture of his. That's how much he loved it. I remembered to take a photo of mine when I was halfway through it.

I also loved their decor.

Notice the spoons and forks on the overhead lamps. Too cute and very creative!

Stephen is obsessed with trying different kinds of drinks so we had to stop in the local grocery store and check out their selection. I noticed right away that they didn't sell any wine or liquor in the grocery store. Such a shame.

Hey, that's me! #mrsmeyer

We ended up finding Carlo's Bakery from Cake Boss and we went inside. I've always wanted to try one of their canoli's but for some reason I didn't want one in that moment. I later took a photo of the bakery in the day time. After we walked around we stopped in the liquor store across from our hotel. We wanted to enjoy some wine. My favorite part of the liquor store was Frank Sinatra's mug shot hanging behind the register. I regret not taking a photo now. 

The view of New York City from just outside our hotel.

We had a knock at our door a little while later and I was hesitant to answer. Then they knocked again and the lady yelled something but I couldn't understand. My aunt, who booked our two nights at The W as our wedding gift, had champagne delivered to our room. I was so excited!!! 

Stephen and I put our robes on and sipped champagne and wine in bed. I kept telling Stephen, "We're so fancy!"

I have always been a pretty happy person but I don't think I have ever been as happy as I was while in Hoboken with Stephen. I even mentioned to him several times that I could see myself living there. Of course he shot that idea down. He says California has his heart. {I think it's more like his momma has his heart.}

And just when we thought we couldn't get any fancier, we decided to order room service for the next morning. You fill out this card and leave it on your door by 2am with the time you'd like breakfast delivered and it would be there.

Day two coming tomorrow...

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  1. I was gonna say Sinatra is from Hoboken (!) before I read about the mug shot. Indiana didn't have wine in grocery stores when I moved to TN; now they even have it in Dollar General. Love these pictures!