Nov 7, 2015

Day Three - Honeymoon in Hoboken & New York City

Wednesday morning I let Stephen sleep in a little while I went out and walked around Hoboken one last time. There was rain in the forecast and we didn't have umbrellas so I went to CVS to purchase two for Stephen and I. I also snapped some photos...

I grabbed pumpkin spice lattes for me and Stephen from the Bean Vault Coffee.

I'm going to be really honest here. That was the worst pumpkin spice latte I've ever tried. Stephen enjoyed his. I didn't even finish mine.

By the time we packed up and left the hotel it was cold and raining outside.

There was a photo booth in the lobby at The W. I wish we would have utilized it more during our stay.

I really wanted photos of us in front of the Hudson River. We asked the bell boy to watch our bags while we stepped outside real quick. When we walked out we realized New Jersey rain is nothing like California rain. Our umbrellas wouldn't even stay open. It was so incredibly windy. We came right back inside and I had to settle for a photo in the lobby.

We made our way back into the city and checked into our next hotel room at the Wyndham New Yorker near Madison Square Garden. Our room was MUCH smaller in the city.

But the views weren't too bad.

Because it was raining, we made our way over to Chelsea Market.

I did not think I'd get good Mexican food in New York but I had some of the best carne asada tacos I've ever had at Chelsea Market.

It reminded me so much of Tijuana.

I am as picky as they come. I am terrified of anything with too many ingredients. Salsa scares me. And cilantro? WHY?! I love guacamole but I always have to ask if there are onions in it before I order. While in line for tacos I decided I was going to try a taco the way it's meant to be eaten and I told Stephen he'd get the rest after I took a bite. I knew I'd probably enjoy the left way more.

This was Stephen's taco.

I was scared.

It actually wasn't too bad BUT I did enjoy the one with just meat way more than the one with all the fixings.

Stephen ordered a bunch of different meats from this meat market...I can't remember what it's called.

And then there was Eleni's. They had amazing cupcakes and whoopi pies.

Look how cute!

Stephen ordered Asian tacos and we took silly photos while we waited.

Their iced tea was so good.

I would have never eaten this. I think it was a spicy tuna taco. He tried a shrimp one and a beef curry one as well.

We still hasn't had enough so we got donuts as well.

They were teeny tiny but they were probably the best donuts I've ever had.

At one point I went to the restroom while Stephen was looking around. I snuck upstairs to the Food Network to see if I could surprise Stephen with a tour. The security guard told me I'd have to go online to schedule one. I later went on their website but I didn't have any luck.

Google is right across the street from Chelsea Market.

When we were done it was still raining outside but I saw online that Carrie Bradshaw's apartment wasn't too far of a walk. Stephen agreed to walking there in the rain.

Here's her street.

And her apartment.

This was where Carrie and Big had their final argument of the show, when Carrie yelled, "You and I NOTHING!" I always get emotional during that scene.

Her address was 66 Perry Street. The apartment is vacant now.

It was still raining and windy and Stephen was drenched. We found the next subway and went back to Penn Station and then to our hotel.

Even though we had eaten so much at Chelsea Market, after we took a little nap we were ready for pizza. We did a lot of research before deciding on where to go. It was really cold that night so I bundled up before we headed out.

We sat there waiting for our pizza and I watched this guy make at least ten pizzas in ten minutes. And then I heard him talk and he had a thick accent and he was speaking Italian. I was so excited to eat my authentic pizza!

I was still afraid to eat cheese at this point so I ordered my half without cheese. And it was so good! Stephen and I both agreed they have much better pizza in New York than we do in California.

And we ate our pizza in bed while watching Big Bang Theory. Doesn't get much better than this.

Day four coming tomorrow.

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