Nov 18, 2015

Life as a Meyer

Now that all of our honeymoon photos are up, I can start getting back to blogging about day to day things.  We got home on Sunday, November 1st. We spent some time with family that afternoon but we were exhausted. I had woken up at 3:45 California time so I crashed pretty early that night. The next day was our last day of vacation. We had a pretty mellow day. I caught up on laundry and scrubbed our floors and Stephen made me the most amazing dinner. Homemade pesto with prosciutto and peas and of course, wine.
We brought Vader back doggie donuts from New York. We couldn't come home after being gone a week without letting him know that we thought of him every day.
Stephen and I went back to work on Tuesday, November 3rd. We talk about how the wedding and New York just feels like a dream now. It all went so fast. Back to the real world now.
I had breakfast with my family on Saturday, November 7th. Right before my brother, sister-in-law and baby left to go back home to Washington.
I love Nashy so much. I've had him since I was seventeen. I'm so happy he loves life in Washington but I miss him all the time. He made the best ring bearer.

Stephen and I went on a date that night. When he got home from work we went over to the mall and ate at Lucille's. It was my first time there and it was delicious.
The next day I made Stephen enchiladas and rice. He made the beans. Stephen is more of the cook between the two of us but I try every now and then.
Aw, like father like son. Vader was playing with the scarf and as soon as I wrapped it around his neck, his facial expression changed. I swear he looked happy two seconds before I snapped this photo.
A new bakery opened in town so Stephen surprised me this past Thursday night with this beautiful cupcake! As if I hadn't had enough sweets in New York.
And then on Friday we went to my brother-in-law's house to celebrate my niece's fourth birthday. And we had cake again.
I can't get enough of my nephew. He's just the cutest!

Seeing my husband hold a baby just kills me.
He's going to be such a good daddy. He's already and amazing uncle.
And they have a miniature version of our baby. His name is Toby. They get along really well. They need to get together for play dates more often.

Everybody watching the Princess open her presents.
She was so happy about her Monster High cake.
Stephen and I actually had Sunday off together, which is rare. We took advantage by getting breakfast together, running errands and then cleaning up around the house. I was FINALLY able to hang up some of my necklaces. Yes, these are just some of them. I have the ones I don't wear as often in my jewelry box.
Stephen made me dinner again on Sunday {and Monday too but I didn't photograph it}. We've been on an Italian kick lately. Overall, not much has changed since becoming Mrs. Meyer. I have been hibernating a bit though. We had so much going on this past year - from moving out of our apartment, to moving in with one set of parents, to moving in with the other set of parents, both of us starting new positions at work, to purchasing our home and moving into our house, doing tons of work on our home and then planning our wedding - so I'm exhausted. I've been trying my best to just relax in the evenings and on the weekends. And I want to spend as much time with my husband as possible. I've always wanted to spend as much time with him as possible though.
Fun fact. Fifteen years ago tonight I met the only other man that made me go weak in the knees {long before Stephen came into my life} - Andrew Keegan. I also met LeAnn Rimes for the first time. They were dating back then and my mom got me backstage passes before her concert. I was more excited to meet Andrew than LeAnn. But only because his poster had been on my wall for so many years.
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