Nov 3, 2015

October 25th 2015

Everyone warned me that something always goes wrong on your wedding day. I can honestly say nothing went wrong on our wedding day. Everything turned out exactly the way we wanted it. Our reception was in our backyard so we sat in our bedroom for a few minutes before joining our party and we spoke about how perfectly everything had come together. We are extremely grateful to each and every person that helped plan, set up and clean afterwards. And to our closest family and friends who were there for us on our special day - it means the world to us. Like I mentioned yesterday, I did not have my phone on me during the wedding so I did not snap any photos. I had a few photos sent to me and a few others were uploaded onto social media. I have added all of them below. I can't wait to see the professional photos and I will definitely post some of those when we get them.

Stephen sent me this text right before I fell asleep.

I hadn't even set an alarm. I was wide awake a little after 4am and I checked the weather right away. All week the forecast kept going back and forth between 88 and 90 and I prayed it would be under 85. I was so happy to see 84 and cloudy for our day.

My makeup girl got to my parents house at 6am. 

As I sat there getting my hair done, Nash stayed right by my side. 

Of course we popped open a bottle of champagne in the limo on the way to the wedding. 



Look at that stud! 


The first time my mother-in-law saw me. 


My brother officiated and I'm so glad he caught these images as we were walking in...and as I was bawling. 

Mr. & Mrs. Meyer...and Nashy.


More champagne! 



My good friend of twenty-six years and the most amazing baker.


My friend {pictured above} made the cake and cupcakes. They were all sooooooo good! 

This is how happy I am when I'm eating a vegan vanilla cupcake. 

I'll probably do a separate post about my dress but I loved it so much. I knew it was the one when I first put it on and I never doubted my decision. Even after watching hundreds of Say Yes to the Dress episodes, I never saw another dress I loved as much as mine. 

And my boots. I always knew I'd get married in boots. 
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  1. I love that you captured a screenshot of the weather! Great shots inside the limo, especially "bouquet & boots (& booze)." A lot of these, particularly upstairs at the winery, look professional. Can't wait to see Kathy's photos. Pass the cupcakes, please...