Dec 22, 2015

Planner Love

Christmas came a little early this year when I received the brand new Commit 30 planner. I'm looking forward to January so I can begin utilizing it. I love the look of the black and gold.

Here is the first page when you open the planner.
Each new month has a motivational quote. I won't show you all of them so you'll be surprised if you end up ordering your own.
This is probably my favorite part...Each month has an area for you to write out your goals. There is space for you to create an action plan and you are able to add stickers or check off each day that you accomplish what you are working towards. The bottom right has a space to reflect on how you did in the previous month.
There is a weekly spread...
And a monthly spread.
Plenty of room for notes, which I always appreciate.
The Commit 30 will be my fitness and nutrition planner for 2016. It is great for focusing on your goals and writing out how you plan to achieve them. However, I don't feel it is sturdy enough to carry around in my purse every day. I will make sure it stays home in a safe place so the tabs don't bend and the front does not get scratched up {mine already has a few dings on the front because I threw it in my bag and showed it off at a recent planner meet-up}. I am looking forward to keeping my fitness and nutrition separate from my every day planner. And now I'll be able to use double the amount of washi tape!
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