Jan 29, 2016

High Protein Quesadilla & Taco

 Yesterday morning I made a quesadilla for breakfast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Egg whites, turkey, cheese and corn tortillas and more egg whites on the side. It had 46 grams of protein in it and it kept me full for hours. 

I had a bell pepper at my desk and a few of my co-workers were very surprised. They couldn't believe that I just eat raw bell pepper by itself. I thought I was normal...

I ate a lot of carbs at lunch yesterday so dinner was protein and veggies. And there's Vader. Wanting my food like always.

This morning my cousin and I met at the gym again. I'm really happy to have a gym partner, especially one that is willing to meet me at 5AM! It feels really good to be lifting again. I'm extremely sore and I love it.

I got home from the gym a little after 6 and I took Vader outside to play for a bit.

I only had one tortilla left so instead of a quesadilla, I made a taco for breakfast.

The macros were amazing on this meal. Again, kept me full for hours.

High bun day at work. Happy Friday!!!

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Jan 27, 2016

Cousins Make Great Workout Buddies

I haven't been feeling myself the last couple of days. I was incredibly hungry and I was nauseated every couple of hours. I tried adding more protein but that wasn't helping as much as I'd hoped so I went ahead and added more carbs as well. I felt so much better yesterday! And this morning I had enough energy to get through a great workout with my cousin! I'm so glad she moved back from Arkansas. Now I have a 5AM gym buddy!

Today is my late night at work so I don't need to go in until 10:45. I feel like I've been able to accomplish so much this morning. After the gym I ran to the grocery store and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks. I may need a second or third cup this afternoon. I found these English muffins - double protein.

They are supposed to be 61 grams per English muffin. But I still weigh them...

62 grams. This is why it's so important to weigh your food.

I divide 62 by 61 and that's what I log into myfitnesspal.

Adds 2 calories. Seems like no big deal but those 2 calories add up over time.

Breakfast was egg whites with feta and an English muffin with whipped cream cheese. Came out to 373 calories - 34P/34C/10F. And it was DELICIOUS! The English muffins were a little sweet so it was the perfect mixture of sweet and savory.

Progress shot. I'm not as thin as I've ever been but I've come a long way and I feel so much better than I did around Christmas time. I'll just keep doing my thing and documenting my journey along the way.

I'll leave you with this adorable photo...Vader still follows me everywhere. He laid right outside the shower this morning. ♥

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Jan 25, 2016

Protein, Protein & More Protein

I dropped a total of 1.8 pounds last week. The scale hasn't dropped since Tuesday but I've been extremely hungry. I was eating between 1300-1500 calories and my body got used to that for a few weeks. I know that probably isn't enough calories for me but I haven't been working out. Now that I've been hungry so much I've slowly been upping my calories. I'm sitting around 1600-1700 calories. The food I've been adding is mostly protein. Egg whites have been a staple. I think I need to add more veggies too.

Saturday morning my hubby and I ate breakfast in bed while watching Supernatural. I had a turkey bacon and egg white sandwich with a side of more egg whites and Stephen ate his usually banana. He added a little bit of peanut butter. He doesn't like breakfast foods.

We tried this Trader Joe's Grilled Chicken Strips. They were pretty good and really convenient.
I also ordered this PEScience White Chocolate Mint protein powder. I love anything mint chocolate and we were getting low on protein powder. This stuff is amazing mixed in coffee. I'd like to try making protein brownies or pancakes with this too. 

My hubby made homemade hummus yesterday. I felt bad because I thought we had cumin in the house. When we were shopping I told him no need to buy any because we had some. Got home and he started making his hummus only to realize we didn't have any. Oops. I still think it tastes great. We made wraps for dinner last night. You can't see but there is mesquite turkey, hummus, a little bit of feta, mixed baby greens, cucumber and tomato in the wrap. And bruschetta veggie chips on the side. Vader was really wanting some. No sir, this is not for you.

And the best part of the entire weekend - We got a rug!!! I've been wanting needing a rug in our living room. Our couches are in four pieces so whenever anyone would sit on them they'd go sliding because of the wood floor. I was getting really tired of having to straighten them out every day. We've been looking and looking. I wanted something with a design but some of them were too crazy for me and I had to automatically say no to anything with white or cream because of Vader. Stephen ran to Home Depot on Saturday. He sent me a photo and I loved it! I miss the feel of carpet on my feet so I love it.
Vader loves it too!

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Jan 21, 2016

New Chapter

My hubby started his new job today and new career today. He looked so handsome this morning, standing in the kitchen eating his breakfast. I snapped a few photos of him and told him we should start an outfit of the day blog for him. He used to wear jeans and polos or tshirts every day at his old job. I can't tell you how many times he's told me he wanted a job where he could wear a suit every day. He loves dressing up and he's obsessed with suits and ties. Well, now his dream has come true. He wore Michael Kors today.

You know you have the best husband when he's willing to stop at Michael's for you on his way home. He's training out of town so I had asked him he could pop into Michael's if he happened to see it in the area. I'm in search of the pink and mint Recollections washi. I even sent him a coupon in case he does find it.

The photo on the left was taken on December 5th. When I saw it I could see the difference in my face right away. I had gained a lot of weight on our honeymoon and right after. I refer to it as "love" weight. I'm so glad I made a change right before Christmas. If not, I knew it would have only gotten worse. Down 12 pounds since then and I can definitely see a difference in my face already.

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Jan 20, 2016

Erin & Kikki

I ordered a new cover for my Erin Condren planner. The new design reminded me of my wedding dress. I was finally able to find some of the new Recollections washi tape. I'm still on the hunt for the mint and pink set though.

My parents gave me money for Christmas so I purchased my first Kikki K planner. She came all the way from Australia. I plan on taking apart my Erin Condren and putting her in my Kikki. I'll be sure to post photos once I've completed that process...it's going to be quite the process.

The grey & mint Kikki I purchased is their Wellness Planner. Because I already utilize my Commit 30 planner for my fitness & nutrition, I plan on saving the inserts for another year. Luckily they are blank so I can use them any day and any month.

Why did I choose the grey & mint? Honestly, I went back and forth. I really liked the black because it is very professional. And they had/may still have tons of colors on sale - some half the price of what I paid for the grey & mint. In the end, I went with what my heart wanted. Yes, the black is nice but I will never use it for work. My planner is for my own personal use and the colors grey & mint {as cheesy as it sounds} have always held a special place in my heart.  ♥

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