Jan 27, 2016

Cousins Make Great Workout Buddies

I haven't been feeling myself the last couple of days. I was incredibly hungry and I was nauseated every couple of hours. I tried adding more protein but that wasn't helping as much as I'd hoped so I went ahead and added more carbs as well. I felt so much better yesterday! And this morning I had enough energy to get through a great workout with my cousin! I'm so glad she moved back from Arkansas. Now I have a 5AM gym buddy!

Today is my late night at work so I don't need to go in until 10:45. I feel like I've been able to accomplish so much this morning. After the gym I ran to the grocery store and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks. I may need a second or third cup this afternoon. I found these English muffins - double protein.

They are supposed to be 61 grams per English muffin. But I still weigh them...

62 grams. This is why it's so important to weigh your food.

I divide 62 by 61 and that's what I log into myfitnesspal.

Adds 2 calories. Seems like no big deal but those 2 calories add up over time.

Breakfast was egg whites with feta and an English muffin with whipped cream cheese. Came out to 373 calories - 34P/34C/10F. And it was DELICIOUS! The English muffins were a little sweet so it was the perfect mixture of sweet and savory.

Progress shot. I'm not as thin as I've ever been but I've come a long way and I feel so much better than I did around Christmas time. I'll just keep doing my thing and documenting my journey along the way.

I'll leave you with this adorable photo...Vader still follows me everywhere. He laid right outside the shower this morning. ♥

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  1. 5am gym club aka we hate life 😂! It's good to start this routine, and I'm so glad to be doing it with you!!