Jan 29, 2016

High Protein Quesadilla & Taco

 Yesterday morning I made a quesadilla for breakfast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Egg whites, turkey, cheese and corn tortillas and more egg whites on the side. It had 46 grams of protein in it and it kept me full for hours. 

I had a bell pepper at my desk and a few of my co-workers were very surprised. They couldn't believe that I just eat raw bell pepper by itself. I thought I was normal...

I ate a lot of carbs at lunch yesterday so dinner was protein and veggies. And there's Vader. Wanting my food like always.

This morning my cousin and I met at the gym again. I'm really happy to have a gym partner, especially one that is willing to meet me at 5AM! It feels really good to be lifting again. I'm extremely sore and I love it.

I got home from the gym a little after 6 and I took Vader outside to play for a bit.

I only had one tortilla left so instead of a quesadilla, I made a taco for breakfast.

The macros were amazing on this meal. Again, kept me full for hours.

High bun day at work. Happy Friday!!!

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