Jan 1, 2016

New Year Goals

There are quite a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2016. I usually take the time to sit down on January 1st of each year and write out my resolutions for the coming year. I actually looked up the definition for resolution today and I found that it's actually the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem. So this year instead of resolutions, I have decided to write out some goals for myself. 

1} I will log in myfitnesspal for 365 days. It's a proven fact that when you log your food and hold yourself accountable, you will succeed in whatever your goal may be. For some it's weight loss and for others it's weight gain. Obviously my goal is to lose weight. How much weight? I have no idea right now at this very moment. So I'm going to focus on tracking my calories and I'm sure the weight will drop. 

2} I've been watching Teen Mom 2. I'm a reality show junkie. It's my thing. I've fallen in love with Chelsea's hair. I'm sure it will be a lot of work but I'd like to become a redhead this year. 

3} Last year I posted a total of 112 blogs. The year before I posted 120. I vow to write more this year than I ever have. I'm not going to say an exact number because that will just drive me crazy but I will surpass 120 posts in 2016.

4} I want to be a better housewife. I've only had a few months of practice so I'm not going to get down on myself but I know I can do better. I will wash all the dishes before we go to sleep. I want to cook more for my husband. I want to keep up with the laundry. And most of all, I want to keep our home tidy at all times. During the work week, I tend to relax and let things go and then most of my weekend is spent cleaning. I'd like to change that so my weekend can be left for more fun things.

5} Most importantly, this year I will work on giving all of my worries to God. I've tried and tried and tried but I don't do well with letting things go. I know God doesn't like us to control everything and that's something I really need to work on. When I pray I need to be patient and trust that God will give me an answer eventually. 

Each year {each day actually} I try to be a better person than I was before. I never want to settle and think I'm done growing as a person. 2015 was a wonderful year and I know 2016 will be even better. 

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  1. I love these goals. I also have a hard time giving all of my worries to God and that is something that I really need to work on this year.