Feb 24, 2016

The Flu...Or Quite Possibly Something Else

Hello, it's me. I haven't written in a while because I haven't had much to write about except the medicine I'm taking and the Netflix/Hulu shows I'm watching. I've had the flu. Or quite possibly something else. 

Let me back up a bit. A week ago when I was at the gym at 5am with my cousin, I started coughing. I figured it was allergies because of all the trees that have blossomed here already. I even made a comment to her like, "I was wondering when my allergies were going to kick in." All day Wednesday I coughed but it was a dry cough so I wasn't too concerned. Just annoyed. Thursday morning I woke up before my alarm at 3:50 and I was coughing but I was also experiencing pain in my throat when I coughed, my chest was tight and it was hard to breathe. I laid there debating whether or not I should cancel on my cousin. I finally texted her to tell her I wasn't going to make it and I needed to stay home and rest. I slept two more hours and got up at 6 to get ready for work. I texted my boss to tell her I wasn't feeling well but I was going to come in for our morning meeting, to make some calls and I'd probably leave after that. She told me to just stay home. We had an important meeting on Friday and I needed to be there for that. So I got back in my jammies and spent the entire day on the couch watching Shades of Blue on Hulu. Start to finish. I think it was nine episodes total. And I got a nap in somewhere in there. Oh, and my mom was kind enough to bring me Mucinex, honey and roses. 

Friday rolled around and I was feeling okay actually. I went to work for four hours since Friday's are our short days and I went to the DMV to apply for my new license with my new name. I actually went home and cleaned out my closet because my dad was having a garage sale the next day. I was feeling energetic and alive. Still coughing though. 

On Saturday morning, my husband and I met my grandma and grandpa for an early birthday breakfast. I was still coughing but I felt okay. We ran around town for a bit and finally got home around 2 and I was beat. I think I did too much. I know they were all normal things but my body couldn't handle those things at that time. I immediately changed into my comfy clothes and laid on the couch. I ended up falling asleep. So did my husband. And so did Vader. Family nap time! Should be mandatory on Saturdays. When I woke up from my nap I started to feel weak and achey. I was hot and then cold but I never had a fever. 

Sunday was spent on the couch as well. 

Sunday night I woke up from my sleep several times. This was the first night this actually happened. I kept coughing uncontrollably. Around 5am my husband asked me if I needed water. He was being sweet but I didn't like that I was waking him up. He needed to get his sleep so I got up and went to the couch. I couldn't fall back to sleep. I texted my boss around 5:50 to tell her I wouldn't be coming in, got up, got dressed, left a note for my husband and went to the 24 hour urgent care. 

The physician said she thought I had the flu. Mentioned it might possibly be pneumonia but she couldn't hear my lungs well enough to know for sure. I was certain she was going to say I had bronchitis. She prescribed me a stronger cough syrup than what I had already been taking and she told me I'll feel better in about seven days. 

While I was at the urgent care I did mention to the physician that I am currently taking Bactrim for my acne. She had actually mentioned that she wanted to give me an antibiotic to treat me for pneumonia and I asked her if there would be any negative side affects if I take an antibiotic when I don't need one. She then told me she'd just have me take the cough syrup to start. But no where in there did she tell me to stop taking Bactrim immediately. 

{I was doing research on my phone last night and I read that if you take an antibiotic when you have the flu, it could make your flu symptoms worse. So if I do have the flu, I should not be taking my Bactrim. I really really really wish the physician would have told me that herself. Good thing I forgot to take my pills today. I'm going to discontinue taking them for now and see if it helps at all. I hate pimples but I'd rather have pimples right now than this horrible cough.}

When I got home from CVS I got right back in my bed. I had a pounding headache and my entire body felt weak. It was hard to lift my arms. Monday night was even worse. I started coughing like crazy. It would not stop. I called my husband and asked him to stop and grab some Vicks Vaper Rub on his way home. That actually gave me some relief. I had no desire whatsoever to eat dinner so I ate a spoon full of peanut butter just so I could take my medicine. My husband rubbed Vicks on my feet because a friend told me it helps her kids when they're sick. I also rubbed it on my chest and throat every 4ish hours. That didn't stop me from waking up and coughing though. Hence the reason why I had to reapply every 4 hours. 

I woke up at 6 and had a text on my phone from my boss. She told me to please not come in if I wasn't feeling better but I really wanted to go to work yesterday. I was going stir crazy and I just wanted to get out. And sometimes you end up feeling better if you shower, get ready and go out. I told her I was going to come in and see how I do. While blow drying my hair, I snapped some photos because I loved the curves in my arms even though I wasn't flexing. I hadn't been to the gym and I wasn't eating and if I was, it wasn't the healthiest choice so I'm very grateful for that non-scale victory in spite of being sick. 

I was so happy to be at work. Yes I was coughing and every person I spoke with would say, "You don't sound too good" {thanks!} but I was so happy to just be out of the house. Around 11:30 my boss emailed me. She told me to go ahead and finish up what I was doing and go home. She was grateful that I came in but she said I didn't sound well and I needed to rest. I was going to try to stay the whole day but I wasn't going to argue with her. I stayed one more hour to wrap things up and then headed home. I spent the rest of the day on the couch.

I don't think I woke up as much last night. I felt like I was able to rest more than the previous night. I feel physically better today. I'm still coughing a lot and my voice is pretty much gone but I feel more like me. I'm hopeful that I won't be coughing at all on my birthday but usually when I have a cough they tend to linger for weeks. 

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Feb 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

First of all, Combat Crunch bars are amazing! 7F/25C/20P Not sure I'll ever eat Quest bars again. These are SOOOO much better. They taste like a candy bar.

My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday. We left our house around 10 and made it to Hogg's around 11. It wasn't even lunch time yet but we didn't care. Neither one of us have had Hogg's in over a year and it's our favorite barbecue place. I had a pulled pork sandwich and we shared green bean fries and garlic fries. I did not count macros on Saturday.

We parked at our favorite boba place and walked over to UCR.

Stephen and I both graduated from UCR but we never met when we were on campus together. God had other plans for us to meet a few years later. I always say if we ever did pass each other on campus, I'm sure my heart skipped a beat. We celebrated our first Valentine's Day together at UCR so we thought it was fitting to celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a married couple there too.

Stephen has talked about wanting a kilt since I met him. We were the Highlanders so they sell them in the student store. I had to convince him to not purchase one on Saturday.

The famous bell tower.

They've made quite a few changes since we were on campus. The huge UCR was not there before. There is also a Starbucks on campus now! I used to have to leave campus to get a good coffee.

 He's new too.

Stephen told me to pick his nose.

Spring has already sprung here in SoCal. I'm just waiting for my allergies to start acting up...any day now.

After UCR, Stephen and I did some shopping at Costco and the mall. And then we went to my in-law's house. We spent some time with family and I was able to see this precious boy.

Vader was very excited about Valentine's Day!

We lounged all day on Valentine's. Watched Supernatural and hung out on the couch. We cooked Mexican for dinner and it was delicious!

I was off of work today because of the holiday. I ended up leaving the keys to my car in my husband's car {and he had to work today} so I wasn't able to leave my house today. It was actually kind of nice. I got a lot accomplished. Back to the gym and work tomorrow!

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Feb 9, 2016

Long Hair

Friday night my parents, my husband and I went to dinner at Chili's and then my parents and I went to the movies to see The Choice. My husband is not a fan of chick flicks so I don't force him to watch them {now that I think of it, I did go see Star Wars with him so he kind of does owe me a chick flick}. Anyways, I highly recommend The Choice. I cried. And cried. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it was better than The Notebook.

Saturday morning I had a planner meet-up. So much fun! I love hanging out with these ladies, even if it's just briefly every couple of weeks. I come home feeling so much more creative.

Saturday evening we all met at my parents house for dinner. My dad told everyone at Christmas that he wants all of us to get together for dinner at least once a month - rotate houses - but we all come together to visit. So far we've kept it up.

We made s'mores and hung around the fire. We all had a very nice time.

Sunday morning I woke up to this adorable face.

My husband and I ran our errands early so we could spend the rest of the day at home. We cleaned up around the house and then spent the rest of the day in front of the tv, watching Netflix, NOT the Super Bowl

We ran out and grabbed a pizza for dinner. Vader came along for the ride.

Monday morning I met my cousin at the gym at 5am. We got in a great workout! I actually wasn't sore this morning so I'm going to have to up my weights again. 

I rarely wear my hair straight. I did yesterday though. I cared more about cooking myself some breakfast than about curling my hair. I could not believe how long it is. The photo on the left was taken in January of 2012. Days before I chopped it all off. I thought it was long then! I really think this is the longest my hair has ever been.

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Feb 3, 2016

Truffled Parmesan Rub

I had to order the new Truffled Parmesan Rub that everyone has been talking about from All Spice. I usually do not like chicken {especially if I cook it myself} so if I can find something that makes it easier for me to eat chicken, I'm willing to try it! 

I ate eight ounces of chicken for dinner on Monday night and 11 ounces for lunch on Tuesday all because of that Truffled Parmesan Rub. It was so good. I can't wait to use it again. Side of fried cauliflower again because I'm obsessed.

Some days I need extra protein which means mid morning coffee with protein powder added in.

I also tried Trader Joe's Barbecue Teryaki Chicken. This was pretty good too. Either my taste buds are changing or I'm just winning in the food department lately because I'm loving everything I'm eating. Oh, and you guessed it! Cauliflower rice.

Hit the gym this morning. My alarm went off at 4:30 and I was wide awake. I thought it would be best to head to the gym, rather than lay there for an hour and a half wishing I would have just gone to the gym.

Breakfast was a quesadilla with turkey and a side of egg whites.

I love that I can eat quesadillas and not feel guilty about it. I just make sure I weigh out a serving of cheese and add extra protein. {Tip - honey turkey is the best in a quesadilla.}

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Feb 1, 2016

Cauliflower Rice

My life changed over the weekend. I tried cauliflower rice. I've read about so many people trying it. It's all over the internet. But I'm usually the last person to try something new, that is if I even try it at all. I was at Trader Joe's on Friday grabbing groceries for dinner. I wanted to surprise my hubby and actually cook for him - something I rarely do because he is the cook between us. I saw their mandarin chicken and I thought that looked good and then I just happened to see a bag of their cauliflower "rice". I decided to make fried "rice" to go along with the mandarin chicken. It was SO good! I couldn't even tell that it wasn't rice. Each serving of the cauliflower "rice" only has 5 carbs. My husband liked it too!
The mandarin chicken was really good but I honestly enjoyed the "rice" more. I can't wait to experiment and try other recipes with it.
Saturday morning I made my husband and I protein pancakes. They were pretty good. I didn't even need to add syrup.
We did our grocery shopping on Saturday and I'm so glad we did because there ended up being a pretty bad storm on Sunday. My friend had told me Costco had the Kodiak cakes there - the 4.5 pound box. It was only $9.50! I had just paid $5.99 for a 1 pound box the day before at Target.

My husband wanted a splurge meal on Saturday night. We ended up at Claim Jumper. The salad bar was amazing! I also had chicken strips and fries but I couldn't finish them. The salad filled me up on its own.

Sunday morning I stepped up my game and made protein pancakes again. But this time I layered them with banana yogurt and I added vanilla cupcake Goldfish. This was extremely good but it took me over an hour to finish. They were so filling.

Probably because they had 62 grams of protein in them.

For lunch yesterday I made a quesadilla on corn tortillas with 2 ounces of turkey and 28 grams of cheese. And as a side I ate a serving of white cheddar puffs from Trader Joe's. I love how much I get to eat for only 20 carbs.
Dinner last night was two turkey burger patties with some melted cheese on top with a side of another quesadilla. I had tons of carbs and a few grams of protein left for the day so I ate another two sides of white cheddar puffs and a serving of beef jerky. I needed 9 grams of protein and a serving was exactly 9 grams of protein. I love when I hit my protein spot on. Makes me feel like a unicorn!

Woke up this morning at 4:25. Got out of bed at 4:40. Was at the gym to meet my cousin at 5. We did chest this morning and we got in a great workout! Both of us were very fatigued. I'm so proud of us. Three workouts together so far. I hope we keep it going! We're planning on meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 am. I'm going to try {keyword is try} to workout on my own on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
And Happy February!!!
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