Feb 1, 2016

Cauliflower Rice

My life changed over the weekend. I tried cauliflower rice. I've read about so many people trying it. It's all over the internet. But I'm usually the last person to try something new, that is if I even try it at all. I was at Trader Joe's on Friday grabbing groceries for dinner. I wanted to surprise my hubby and actually cook for him - something I rarely do because he is the cook between us. I saw their mandarin chicken and I thought that looked good and then I just happened to see a bag of their cauliflower "rice". I decided to make fried "rice" to go along with the mandarin chicken. It was SO good! I couldn't even tell that it wasn't rice. Each serving of the cauliflower "rice" only has 5 carbs. My husband liked it too!
The mandarin chicken was really good but I honestly enjoyed the "rice" more. I can't wait to experiment and try other recipes with it.
Saturday morning I made my husband and I protein pancakes. They were pretty good. I didn't even need to add syrup.
We did our grocery shopping on Saturday and I'm so glad we did because there ended up being a pretty bad storm on Sunday. My friend had told me Costco had the Kodiak cakes there - the 4.5 pound box. It was only $9.50! I had just paid $5.99 for a 1 pound box the day before at Target.

My husband wanted a splurge meal on Saturday night. We ended up at Claim Jumper. The salad bar was amazing! I also had chicken strips and fries but I couldn't finish them. The salad filled me up on its own.

Sunday morning I stepped up my game and made protein pancakes again. But this time I layered them with banana yogurt and I added vanilla cupcake Goldfish. This was extremely good but it took me over an hour to finish. They were so filling.

Probably because they had 62 grams of protein in them.

For lunch yesterday I made a quesadilla on corn tortillas with 2 ounces of turkey and 28 grams of cheese. And as a side I ate a serving of white cheddar puffs from Trader Joe's. I love how much I get to eat for only 20 carbs.
Dinner last night was two turkey burger patties with some melted cheese on top with a side of another quesadilla. I had tons of carbs and a few grams of protein left for the day so I ate another two sides of white cheddar puffs and a serving of beef jerky. I needed 9 grams of protein and a serving was exactly 9 grams of protein. I love when I hit my protein spot on. Makes me feel like a unicorn!

Woke up this morning at 4:25. Got out of bed at 4:40. Was at the gym to meet my cousin at 5. We did chest this morning and we got in a great workout! Both of us were very fatigued. I'm so proud of us. Three workouts together so far. I hope we keep it going! We're planning on meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 am. I'm going to try {keyword is try} to workout on my own on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
And Happy February!!!
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