Feb 3, 2016

Truffled Parmesan Rub

I had to order the new Truffled Parmesan Rub that everyone has been talking about from All Spice. I usually do not like chicken {especially if I cook it myself} so if I can find something that makes it easier for me to eat chicken, I'm willing to try it! 

I ate eight ounces of chicken for dinner on Monday night and 11 ounces for lunch on Tuesday all because of that Truffled Parmesan Rub. It was so good. I can't wait to use it again. Side of fried cauliflower again because I'm obsessed.

Some days I need extra protein which means mid morning coffee with protein powder added in.

I also tried Trader Joe's Barbecue Teryaki Chicken. This was pretty good too. Either my taste buds are changing or I'm just winning in the food department lately because I'm loving everything I'm eating. Oh, and you guessed it! Cauliflower rice.

Hit the gym this morning. My alarm went off at 4:30 and I was wide awake. I thought it would be best to head to the gym, rather than lay there for an hour and a half wishing I would have just gone to the gym.

Breakfast was a quesadilla with turkey and a side of egg whites.

I love that I can eat quesadillas and not feel guilty about it. I just make sure I weigh out a serving of cheese and add extra protein. {Tip - honey turkey is the best in a quesadilla.}

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