Mar 29, 2016

Shift In Focus

I’ve been working on this blog post in my head for months now. Finally decided to put my words in font. I started this blog in April of 2013, almost three years ago now. I had intentions of LiftWriteLove being filled with posts about fitness, nutrition and life.

Lately I’ve felt as if my purpose has changed. I’ve been on a diet for as long as I can remember. And when I say on a diet, I mean on every diet known to man. I wanted to know what it would be like to not be on a diet. I’m dying to know what it’s like to not think about food. I love food and I fear food at the same time. I’m sure some would consider it an illness.

In the last few months I have tried not counting calories or macros. I’ve tried enjoying dessert a couple times a week. I’ve tried to not exclude any food group. I’ve tried to forget the fact that my pants are extremely snug. I wanted to just enjoy life with my new husband and not constantly think about a flat stomach or sculpted biceps. I’ve come to realize in the last few months that my life’s purpose is not to lose weight. For the last fifteen years I was acting like that was the case.

I mentioned before that my purpose has changed. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m married now or what it is but I see myself differently now and I’d like to be portrayed differently. I want my future children – especially if I have daughters – to see me as a confident, strong woman and I want to raise them to be the same and to eat everything in moderation like their daddy did. Moderation is so much healthier than deprivation.

There will definitely be a shift of focus on the blog. I want to steer away from the four letter word diet and chat more about makeup and hair and planner goodies and life lessons. And while I continue writing often, I’ll focus on having a healthier attitude toward what I eat and don't eat. Don’t worry, the occasional blog post about food will make an appearance but there is a whole world out there that doesn’t have anything to do with food, and I’d love to discuss those things here in my sacred place. 

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Mar 1, 2016


I had a wonderful weekend filled with birthday shenanigans. It went by way too fast - as always.

To get my birthday weekend started off right, my husband brought me home cronuts. We were never able to try them in New York {after standing in line for 45 minutes}. He was able to get these from Peterson's in Escondido. I couldn't finish the whole thing but it was so good!

We went to see Deadpool on Friday night with Stephen's best friend and his wife. I actually really enjoyed it. It was very funny. Stephen says it's his all time favorite superhero movie now. And fun fact - me, Stephen and Scotty all have a birthdays in the same week!

Woke up Saturday morning to a free drink from Starbucks. It was only good for three days so I had to use it quickly. I want to add that I also received a free drink from Dunkin' Donuts, which is good for three months. I may have to start being more loyal to Dunkin'. They seem to be more loyal to their customers.

Whenever I have a free drink, I take advantage and get my all time favorite drink - Iced Caramel Macchiato with a whole lotta modifiers.

Stephen and I spent most of Saturday in Orange County. We went to South Coast Plaza, although we didn't find much. It's a very uppity mall so everything was super expensive. It was nice to get out and walk around though.

We tried Newport Rib Company for lunch. I had a Front Porch Lemonade, tri-tip, fries and macaroni & cheese. The food was okay. The fries were my favorite part. But the drink was amazing. After lunch we headed home. I was exhausted. I ended up taking a nap when we got home. I started feeling sick again too. I think I felt better so I allowed my body to do too much too soon. I spent the rest of the day on the couch and went to bed super early on Saturday night.

Sunday was my birthday. My parents had some family over for breakfast. We had French toast, Hungarian pancakes {very similar to a crepe}, bacon and mimosas. Everything was extremely delicious.

My brother and sister-in-law face timed us to sing happy birthday to me.


My cousin and I were both in navy, which was incredibly funny to us because our mom's used to dress us as twins a lot when we were little. We were twins and we didn't even plan it.

My mom got us two mini bundt cakes to share between all of us. This was smart of her because we had already had so many sweets. We each had a few bites and it was perfect. I still wasn't feeling like myself so after breakfast my husband and I ran to Target for a few things, grabbed a late lunch/early dinner and went home to rest. I spent the remainder of my birthday on the couch and I took a nap again.

I requested yesterday off to have a me day. I was originally planning on shopping and pampering myself but because I've been sick, I ended up just doing things around the house that needed to get done. I'm still coughing and I still don't feel 100% better. I figured the cough would linger for a while. Can't wait to kick this thing for good. I came back to work today to a decorated office, which was so nice of my co-workers.

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