Apr 25, 2016

Wedding Photos - Just the Two of Us

It seems very fitting to post these photos on our six month anniversary. Six months of wedded bliss have come and gone. I'm looking forward to many many many more months of being his wife.

I asked our limo driver to take us by Ryan Bros Coffee on the way to our house for our reception. This is a very special place to me and I'm glad we captured these photos.

We met and hugged for the first time just on the other side of that door. 

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Apr 12, 2016

French Braid

I have a passion for hair. I've just recently gotten into makeup but growing up, I cared more about my hair than anything else. I'm pretty good at straightening my hair, curling with a wand, curling with a curling iron and creating fun half up and updos with dirty, messy hair. When it came to braids, that was a different story. I can do a traditional braid but nothing more than that. My mom knows how to french braid so I'd always have her do my hair when I wanted it braided. Well, I don't live with my mom anymore so I can no longer go into her room early in the morning and ask her to do my hair. 

I was determined to learn how to french braid my own hair so I watched several YouTube videos while I was laying in bed the other night. I finally found a tutorial that made it look easy enough so the next morning I gave it a try and it worked! It only took two attempts. Now it's my go-to hairstyle!

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Apr 4, 2016

Wedding Photos - The Ceremony

Our ceremony was a very emotional fifteen minutes for me. I cried from start to finish. 
I was just so happy that all of my dreams had come true.

{I was already crying here and I hadn't even seen my groom yet. I lost it when we turned the corner and I saw him.}

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