May 23, 2016

Food & Jewelry - Two of My Favorite Things

This is my absolute favorite meal right now. A cup of brown rice. Tons of protein - this day I had steak but I rotate. Chicken breast is really good with it too. And avocado. Add a tough of salt and it's delicious! I'm sure I'll eat it every day until I get burnt out on it.

I received my Keep Collective kit last week so I've been changing up my jewelry every day. I love the necklace and I really like that you don't have to wear the same thing twice. The possibilities are endless!

This was Friday. I wanted to show some love for my original fur-baby in Seattle, Nash. 

And this is what the necklace looks like on.

This kid cracks me up. I love when he stands up tall like he owns the backyard. Stephen keeps asking him when he's going to go out and get a job because he isn't contributing around the house at all.

On Friday night Stephen had the opportunity to go to Ruth's Chris with his colleagues. And my mom was going out with a friend so my dad invited me over for dinner. He made chicken enchiladas. It was so good! Always nice to go home to a home cooked meal {even if it is just a five mile drive}. And he even set out my favorite fork for me. I've had this set since college and they stay at my parents house so I can use them when I'm home.

This was Saturday's Keep of the day. Saturday night Stephen and I went out on a dinner date. That was nice. And I may have had a margarita...or two.

I made protein pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast on Sunday. It takes a lot to get Stephen to eat breakfast. He usually only eats a banana. But every once in a while I can convince him with pancakes. He had to work a little on Sunday which was sad because it was our only day off together this week. Luckily next weekend is a holiday weekend and we'll have all three days together!

Vader rode with me to Starbucks. He's such a good boy. He just sits there and enjoys the scenery.

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