Jun 29, 2016

Kodiak Cakes Pizza

Recently I was craving pizza and I wondered if I could make crust with Kodiak cakes. Turns out there are tons of recipes out there using Kodiak cakes. I used this recipe the first time.

It was really good but the macros were a little high for my liking so I looked around for other recipes.

Cutie Vader always wanting my food. He rarely gets any.

After I made the first pizza I went on a pizza kick. I made it for nearly a week straight. I even made a dessert pizza. I used nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with PE Science Snickerdoodle protein. This mixed together was surprisingly delicious and now I eat it as a snack.

Doesn't that look delicious? For this pizza I mixed 70 grams of Kodiak cakes and 70 grams of nonfat Greek yogurt. Much better macros than the first one I made.

Then I went ahead and made it for breakfast too.

Oh and then we had pizza for dinner again. This one was barbecue sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, pineapple and cheese, of course. I thought this was the best pizza ever! That was until...

I made this pizza. This was breakfast but it was dinner. I used a Laughing Cow cheese as the sauce, an egg, Canadian bacon, bacon and cheese, of course. This was so good! I may have to make this for dinner tonight.

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