Jul 12, 2016

18 Minute Mile

When we first brought Vader home I had a few rules. 1) He is not allowed on the bed. 2)He is not allowed on the couch. Well, I let him get in the bed all the time now. He doesn't sleep with us but on Sunday mornings, I usually get out of bed early to clean and make breakfast and I let him take my spot and lay there for a little while with Stephen. AND I recently started letting him lay on the couch with us. It started on the 4th of July. He was scared because of the fireworks so I put a blanket on the couch and let him lay on it. He was so happy. Seeing him happy brings me joy so I've let him do that a few more times recently. I know I say this every time I post a photo of him but how cute is he? I love that he's smiling in this photo. Unfortunately, every time I pull my phone out he looks the other way unless I'm holding food!

I don't read books very often anymore. I know, it's sad. I would like to read more but I find myself reading articles and blogs online more often than books. I ordered Orange is the New Black recently and started reading it. I'm really enjoying it. I read a few pages before bed every night...and then I fall asleep. 

A new coffee shop opened in Temecula and I was very excited to try it. I ordered an iced Americano and added my protein to it and it was delicious. I brought Stephen back the next morning to try it as well. It's a little pricey but it was good. I like supporting locally owned coffee shops.

My other go to drink lately is my homemade cocktail. And it's mostly water! I fill my cup almost to the top with water, I add lemonade Crystal Light mix, a little tequila (or a lot, depending on how my day has been), a little salt and ice. It's delicious and it tastes like a margarita. Maybe even better because I'm in the comfort of my own home and it's sugar free.

Stephen and I went to a Star Wars themed birthday party this past weekend. My co-worker's son turned two and we would never miss a Star Wars themed anything. We bought him his first light saber and he was so excited. He kept saying, "Open. Open." 

My trainer has given me a training plan for my half marathon in January. I need to run twenty miles by the end of July. Then I'll have to run forty miles in August but I don't want to think about that yet. I started last night. I ran one mile and then I nearly died. I am so out of shape. An 18 minute mile is nothing for me to be proud of but it's just the beginning. I've never been concerned with speed anyways. I only care about finishing.

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