Jul 5, 2016

Day One

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday weekend with your loved ones. Mine was perfect. Very low key and laid back. Just the way I like it. I have been wanting to put a bandanna on Vader for a while now. I borrowed one of Stephen's for this photo. And now I need to get him one in every color. How cute does he look?! He's so funny though. As soon as I pull out my phone to snap a photo, he turns his head. He gets camera shy. Or he just prefers his profile.

I wrote a couple months back about how I wanted to change the direction of my blog. You can read that post here if you'd like. At the time, I really did want to stop worrying so much about the scale and the numbers and every little thing that I ate. I constantly remind myself - you were not put on this earth to lose weight. It was nice pretending not to care for a little while but as my clothes got tighter and tighter, I could no longer pretend anymore. I do care. I want to feel healthy and I want to be fit. So, I'm going to make a u-turn with my blog and go back in the direction I was going before. I may not be able to fulfill this 100% but my goal is going to be to document everything I eat on here. I'll be tracking in myfitnesspal every day so I'll just move it over to my blog at the end of every day or early the next morning. I want to do this until I drop some of the weight that I have gained since the beginning of the year - about 30 pounds. Yikes, I know. It's hard to admit. I am 15 pounds away from my heaviest weight and I don't ever want to see that number again! 

I'll be tracking macros from Poppy Locks. She had sent me numbers in January and I had to email her back last month and admit that I've gained weight and I needed new numbers. I'm all set to be successful now and I have no excuses. I will not be cutting out any food groups. Everything will be in moderation. If I want something "unhealthy" I will work my other numbers around to make sure it fits. Are you ready to follow along? Here goes. 

Breakfast was a cup coffee with almond milk {at home} and a Premier Protein shake at my desk. I don't always drink just a protein shake for breakfast but if I don't have time to cook something, this is the best quick option for me. For a snack {not pictured}, I had a Combat bar. 

For lunch I ate leftovers from last night. I'll be honest, I did not weigh the steak. I'm guessing it was about 4 ounces. And half a cup of cauliflower fried rice. This was delicious. I'm in love with this teriyaki steak from Costco. 

While on lunch I ran to Starbucks and got a Venti iced coffee with sugar free caramel syrup and then when I got back to my office, I added another Premier Protein shake to it. I figured it's better than adding cream at Starbucks. And for an afternoon snack, I ate two cherry pop-tarts. I made sure to add dinner in prior to my pop-tarts to make sure they would fit. Pop-tarts are one of my weaknesses. I will probably make them fit often.

After work my husband and I took Vader out on a walk. When I got home I made myself a breakfast pizza for dinner. This is one of my favorites. It's so good!

After inputting my dinner, I still had some carbs left so I finished off my day with a beverage. I mixed water with sparkling water, crystal light and 1 ounce of vodka. I call it my "mostly water" drink.

Below are my final numbers. Staying within 5 grams of each macro is allowed so the fact that I went over my protein by 4 grams is perfectly okay. And if I'm going to go over any macro, I'd rather go over by protein. Day one was a success. Thanks for reading. Heading off to bed now. I'll be back tomorrow, I promise.

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