Jul 7, 2016

Day Two

Well, yesterday was a bust. BUT that's okay because I'm here to document what happened and I'm starting over today. That's all that matters. I'm writing yesterday's post this morning because I wasn't feeling too well last night {lovely cramps}. This was also the reason why I didn't hit my macros yesterday. 

For breakfast I had nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with PE Science Snickerdoodle protein. I love this stuff together. I pretend it's frosting. Yes, frosting for breakfast. Whatever helps me get that protein in. I also had a cup of coffee with almond milk.

Yesterday was the 5th birthday of the college campus where I work so they had pizza for everyone. I had actually logged two slices in the morning and figured that would be my lunch. When I went down to grab my two slices, there was only enough for one slice per person. The beauty of macros! I deleted one of the slices from myfitnesspal and I figured out something else for lunch. Because I knew I wouldn't have made it on one slice of pizza. So I ran to Starbucks on lunch and got a black iced coffee and added my Premier Protein to it, like usual. And I grabbed two chicken soft tacos from Del Taco. These are actually really good and the macros aren't too bad. 

I usually start to get hungry around 4 so I always have a protein bar handy. This one is my new favorite.

The rest of the day went downhill. All I could stomach for dinner were some pretzels. I ended up going to bed pretty early just because I wasn't feeling well. So I was short on my macros. At least I didn't go over. Below are my final numbers. Today will be much better! 

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