Aug 3, 2016

Four Miles and Fifteen Thousand Steps

Yesterday was a very good day. No headache, no icky feelings. I did drink three cups of coffee but I wasn't terribly tired. I've been drinking so much water and the coffee just added a different flavor to my day. Breakfast was coffee with canned coconut milk and peppermint infused coconut oil. {I'll share more about that in tomorrow's post.} I also ate two fried eggs and a potato when I got to work. I've discovered over the last few months that if I eat breakfast at work, I'm satisfied longer. If I eat early at home, I'm famished by 11.

I prepped bags of veggies to eat in between meals. I want to focus on getting more veggies in through out the day. Carrots were my snack between breakfast and lunch.

For lunch I had leftovers. Aidells chicken apple sausage and a potato mixed with avocado.

I had a bag of bell peppers for my afternoon snack. Oh, I also had a mint chocolate RX bar. I ate that right before I left wok to fuel my workout.

Selfie time!

My friend, Suzie, and I got in 4 miles last night. We went from my house to the nearby lake and we went around the lake three times and then back to my house. She's going to be my new workout buddy.

When we got back to my house we were ready for dinner so I cooked for the both of us. I made Trader Joe's Beef Sirloin Roast and a baked potato with bacon and avocado. She may end up adding some Whole 30 meals to her diet because she couldn't believe how good and filling her dinner was. And she saw how easy it was to put together. 

I was craving some Kombucha so we went to Sprouts so I could pick some up. I drank it out of a wine glass to feel fancy.

I felt very accomplished when I checked my FitBit at the end of the night. And I have to add that I slept SOOOO good! I did not wake up once from the time I closed my eyes to about a minute before my alarm clock went off. I'm starting to see positive side effects already.

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  1. Looking at that backlit photo, you and Suzie really could be sisters!