Aug 29, 2016

Wine Tasting

My soul sister and I have been talking about going wine tasting for a few weeks now. Living in Southern California's wine country means we have access to about thirty-five {maybe even more} wineries just down the road. This was my third time going wine tasting but I hadn't been in at least three years so it was nice to go again. On Friday afternoon we were able to do tastings at two wineries. 

We started at Maurice Car'rie Winery. We sat on the front porch and relaxed while sipping wine and snacking on sourdough and brie.

They are known for their sourdough and brie and let me tell you, it's amazing! I've had it once before but we bought it and took it home. I've never had it fresh from the oven. Brie just might be my favorite cheese and sourdough is definitely my favorite bread. Together it's perfection. We were able to sample five wines while we were there. My favorite was the sparkling raspberry.

Everywhere we go, we get asked if we are sisters. This used to happen in junior high and high school too. I just think it's so funny. The women behind the bar at Maurice Car'rie was staring at us and she finally asked, "Are you two related?"

The grapes are in season right now so we were warned not to pick any of them.

We took so many photos! Way more than I'm even posting. Our second stop was Wiens. We sampled six wines there and I was able to see a friend of mine who works there. {When she saw Suzanne and I together she said, "You two are identical!" We just laughed.} I ended up buying and taking home a bottle of their Gew├╝rtztraminer for Stephen. 

This is the cellar room at Wiens for their wine club members. Suzanne and I are thinking of joining a wine club together. We just need to decide who has our favorite wines. Two wineries down, thirty-three to go!

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