Sep 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Because of the holiday weekend, traffic coming home for my husband would have been crazy on Friday night. My mom suggested that I head down to San Marcos and meet him for dinner there. Genius idea. We went to Cocina Del Charro in Restaurant Row. Stephen rarely drinks with me, especially if he's driving. We decided we'd enjoy drinks together but we'd walk around or get coffee before we headed home. I ordered a skinny margarita and I can't remember the name of the drink he ordered but it was very tasty. I really liked their food but Stephen said it's because I like bland food. 

We walked over to Old Cal Coffee after and sat on the patio and sipped coffee. The weather was perfect. I actually had to put a sweater on.

We actually sat there talking about the idea of one day moving down to the San Marcos area because of his job. Commuting is hard, ya'll. Luckily I don't have to do it. But I don't want him doing it either, especially six days a week most weeks.

These dogs kill me. Look at Jax's face! There are moments when they drive me absolutely crazy but I love them so much at the same time.

I'm pretty sure Vader is struggling with the fact that we used to let him on our bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But now that we have Jax too, we haven't been letting that happen. Maybe in the future I'll allow it but right now Jax has an injured leg and I don't want him jumping up and down too much. Vader is learning that we need to be fair and if Jax can't get on the bed, neither can he.

We had my parents over for dinner on Saturday night. Stephen grilled burgers and the doggies got plenty of attention! They love their grandpa, especially Vader!

My trainer wants me logging 40 miles this month. I haven't been good at tracking my miles the last two month, except in my planner, so starting this month I'll be sure to post them more often. I ran two miles on Sunday. It was actually my fasted run this training round. My second mile was 14:15. I actually couldn't believe that my second mile was faster than my first. Usually it's the other way around. 

Monday morning I woke up and got my run out of the way early. I knew I was going to be lazy yesterday so I wanted to get it done. My first mile was the fasted this time. 13:58. 

I was incredibly lazy the rest of the day yesterday. I knew I would be. I ran to grab some groceries, picked up coffee for Stephen and I and then I came home and watched Netflix all day while coloring. Stephen had smoked a pork shoulder all day Sunday so we enjoyed that for lunch and dinner.

One of my finished products from this weekend. I love Lisa Frank!

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