Nov 14, 2016

Sweet Stuff

I have been so bad at blogging lately. The only post I've kept up with is my weekly pregnancy one. At least I've done that, right? Life is so different now that I work from home. Good different, of course. I'm nowhere near as stressed as I used to be and I have the best co-workers in the world - Vader and Jax. You'd think I'd be able to blog more but during my time off I'm usually doing chores around the house, napping and/or trying to get rid of my migraines. I'll catch up by posting some photos from the last few weeks. 

For a few weeks there the thought of anything sweet made feel nauseated. When the second weekend of October rolled around all I wanted was pancakes and candy and ice cream and egg nog. Funny how things change. Stephen and I were in Idyllwild that weekend for the wine walk. Here are my delicious pancakes. 

Our cabin is behind us. The wine walk isn't as much fun when you can't drink wine. I just walked along side the gang but towards the end, I was exhausted and my back was aching. I went back to the cabin and took a quick nap. Felt so much better after that. 

We ended up going to Sunday brunch on our last day before we headed home. I wish I could have eaten a lot more than my stomach would allow. This food was all so good. They also had tons of French pastries that I did not photograph. 

On October 15th my mom and I went to some garage sales. They had tons of baby stuff but since we don't know the sex of the baby yet we couldn't grab anything. Afterwards we went out for coffee and breakfast. The cinnamon roll was from Great Harvest Bread Co.. My mom and I split one. They are huge! And I had a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks. For a while there the only way I could halfway enjoy coffee was if it was a fancy drink from Starbucks. It started to get pretty pricey.

I've gone through a cereal phase. There were many nights where Lucky Charms was my dinner. The thought of anything else disgusted me.

I tried adding whip cream to my coffee I brewed at home, hoping it would taste better to me. Nope. I'd still drink it because if not, I'd have a terrible migraine, but I'd suffer through it. Who am I kidding? I have terrible migraines even when I do drink my coffee. 

Like I mentioned earlier, the only way I was able to enjoy my coffee was if it was a fancy drink from Starbucks. Our Albertsons across the street has a Starbucks inside. They recently got an oven and are serving breakfast sandwiches. They had a deal going on for two weeks where if you purchased a breakfast sandwich, you could get any iced grande beverage for free. That was an amazing deal and I was there maybe 10 out of the 14 days they had the deal going. I even brought Stephen twice. 

For a while there my favorite snack was an apple with brie.

On October 22nd, Stephen and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Actual day is the 25th but we both had to work that day.

We went to the North County Mall in San Diego, walked around and enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad and a Strawberry Lemonade. That salad was wonderful! I took more than half of it home and finished it later in the evening. We did not get any cheesecake because we had our wedding cake waiting for us at home. 

We watched The Conjuring 2 {nowhere near as good as the first one} and these two spooned on the floor next to us. They are so cute when they're sleeping. Haha!

Our wedding cake was just as good as I remember it from a year ago. It's funny because I have not been able to eat anything pumpkin - still to this day - because it does not sound appetizing to me. But our wedding cake was pumpkin and I thoroughly enjoyed this! My very good friend, who made our wedding cake, and her husband are raising money for a service dog for their son who suffers from epilepsy. Please share this page and help us spread the word. Every dollar counts and will make a huge impact in Jax's life. Thanks! 

I was able to see our baby on our anniversary. Dragon baby was jumping all around like a little jelly bean on a trampoline. It was the cutest! The doctor had a hard time getting a good photo because he/she would not be still for a moment.

And because I rarely take selfies anymore...

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