Jan 18, 2017

Twenty-One Weeks

How far along? Twenty-one weeks and six days 

Baby's size? Baby girl is the size of a carrot.

Baby's nickname? Baby and baby girl. We're still working on finalizing her name. 

Maternity clothes? Yes and I still love them very much! 

Exercise? I worked out with my trainer this week. We did a full body workout. One day a week sounds like nothing but I'm always proud I even get that in. 

Sleep: I've gotten used to the fact that I won't be able to sleep through the night for a very very long time. I think pregnancy is God's way of getting a mommy prepared for that.  

Best moment this week: Seeing baby girl at her anatomy scan and finding out that everything came back normal! Also, we started our registry this weekend. That was fun and exhausting. We didn't even get through half the store. I had to go home and put my feet up after that. 

Miss anything? Sleeping through the night. 

Movement: Just a little at night. Not as much as before but seeing her at the anatomy scan showed me there's nothing to worry about. She didn't move much the entire time I was there. In fact, she was being awfully stubborn. The ultrasound tech wanted her to flip but she wouldn't. Towards the end of the appointment, she had her head in between her legs. We might have a gymnast on our hands.

Food cravings: Same as always. Soft pretzels and bagels. I did also have a virgin margarita at my parents house. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. I've been feeling pretty good lately. 

Gender: GIRL! 

Symptoms: Terrible acne and terrible pregnancy brain. I put the coffee in the microwave one day this week. Yep, I poured myself a cup of coffee and instead of putting the cup in the microwave, I put the actual pot in there. Luckily I caught myself before I turned it on. I'm pretty sure nesting has kicked in this week as well. I have been tackling tasks around the house like crazy! 

Wedding rings on or off? Still on

Happy or moody most of the time: I've been pretty happy. 

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby girl. The closer we get to her arrival, the more excited I get! 

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